Lavastorm (EQ2 Quest Series)  

Quest Series
Starting ZoneLavastorm
Rec. Levels45-55, 75+
Previous The Feerrott
Next Sinking Sands
Peacock Club
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EverQuest II
Quest Series

Level 45+ Content

Sootfoot Talent Society

This solo quest series is for levels 45-55. Note that you can't access one of the other quests when already on a repeatable quest. If you do everything right, you should be at 0 faction when you reach Drake Die-Kaput Time and Who Ya Gonna Call?, when you will have to get a group to go through the Temple of Solusek Ro as the ghosts are inside and the drakes are on the far side. Magnurmal will not give you the next quest that has a faction reward until you reach -5000.

Kabcar Trapitsa - Sootfoot Family Favor Vendor This should not be too surprising to anyone, but Sootfoot faction works in reverse to the norm. You start with max faction (50,000) with Sootfoot Talent Society and lose faction with each quest you complete. Sootfoot Goblins have some kind of taboo against trading with friends, and will only trade with you once your faction is at or below -10,000!

Blisterzonk - In a hut on the north side of Fennin's Pass.

  1. Rock Collecting (45) - Harvest gray rocks
  2. Instant Jerky (45) - Kill 8 magma wormlings for jerky
  3. Spreading Trouble (46) - Kill 8 void-touched creatures in and around Najena's Dungeon.
  4. Beastie Bronco (47) - Leash a stunned Void attacker and bring it to Blisterzonk
  5. More Talent in the Society (48) - leads to Smapty and Kipukas at the Goblet of Ro mount station.

Magnurmal - Standing in front of the hut with Blisterzonk, unlocks after minimal faction decrease with Sootfoot Talent Society

  1. Truly Outrageous (45) - Obtain 8 gems from mining carts in Najena's Valley
  2. Gem is Adventure (46) - Kill 8 Sootfoot goblins to recover the pilfered gems.
  3. Fate of the Fire Imps (47) - (< 30000 faction required to continue) Kill 8 fire imps
  4. Body Heat (48, repeatable) - Kill magma worms or living magmas (random which one) for molten cores at Dagger Spires Pass
    • The quest dialog lies. They are in the field immediately east of Blisterzonk! Repeats until your faction is -5000 or worse.
  5. Like Pulling Teeth (55, repeatable) - Obtain 8 ichor-laden teeth from Volcanu in Hydra Pass.

Smapty - just around the corner from the Goblet of Ro mount station

  1. Booming Business (49) - Craft some Sootfoot Boom Rocks
    • coal from any fuel merchant, lava rocks from Sootfoot mining carts, ash from pile next to forge, danger sticks from Pyrissa.
  2. Flaming Glob Grab (50) - Kill flaming globules to obtain 8 flaming globs.
  3. Pieces of Flare (51) - Obtain 8 flare men essences from flares in the Lava Field
    • Any mob starting with "a flare"
  4. Lava Crystal Therapy (52) - Harvest 10 magmatic crystals from the Lava Field.
  5. Drake Die-Kaput Time (53, repeatable) - Obtain 8 deadly claws from volcanu drakes in Solusek Valley.

Kipukas - just around the corner from the Goblet of Ro mount station

  1. Stinky Mission, Indeed (49) - kill noxious and fetid emissions for stinky goo
  2. Rumble Tumble (50) - Kill rumblers
  3. Tiptoe Through the Lava Fields (51) - Harvest flowers in the Lava Field
  4. Who Ya Gonna Call? (52, Repeatable, Heroic) - Kill ghostly remnants, seekers and historians in the Temple of Solusek Ro to obtain 8 pages
  5. Colossal Smash and Grab (53, Repeatable)

Item or Object-Triggered - In and near Shrine of Thunder
Note: The McBlain quests seem to have been removed from the game.

Tradeskill Quests

These quests must be done in order and the second series completed in order to complete the first series.

Purrla - Far Seas Supply Division Found inside the Shrine of Thunder

  1. Crafty Sootfoots: Scouting About (45)
  2. Crafty Sootfoots: Another Man's Treasure (45)
  3. Crafty Sootfoots: Corporate Espionage (45) - Speak to Smakametta and earn his trust
    1. Sootfoot Service: Special Delivery (45)
    2. Sootfoot Service: Bellowing For Help (45)
    3. Sootfoot Service: Ore Spillage (45)
    4. Sootfoot Service: Repairing the Repairs (45)
    5. Sootfoot Service: Hot Rocks (45)

Heroic Quests

Item-Triggered - near Temple of Solusek Ro

  • Lava Creeped Out (44)
  • Efforts Repaid (45)
  • Snuff the Flare Reapers (47) - examine an overturned torch on a table at -322.98, -48.86, -729.87 in the Temple of Solusek Ro
  • Colossal Lava Rocks (48)
  • The Engraved Torch (49)

Access Quests

Heritage Quests

Item Triggered

There are four pieces of paper on the table in the middle of Shrine of Thunder. All four start quests.


With GU51 all of the old collection items have been removed from Lavastorm. All shinies found in this zone will be from one of the following collections:

Yellow Shinies:
The rewards from these collections can be examined for an 8th collection, Corruption of Elements.

Red Shinies:

Level 80 Content

Order of Flame

This solo quest series is for levels 78-80 and the NPCs are found in the Shrine of Thunder (the building on the docks).

Pallasa Rargon

  1. Crystal Replacement (80) - Click the 4 rods, then kill 2 invading brutes
  2. Cephalopod Gone Wrong (81) - Kill 8 void-touched cephalopods
  3. Seepage is Never Good (82) - Kill 8 dark seepages
  4. Of Magma Basilisk Bondage (82) - Kill 6 of the enslaved magma basilisks
  5. Dispatching the Destroyers (82, repeatable) - Kill 6 of any of the Void Beasts, for faction
  6. No More Barrier... Right? (82) - Speak to Nida Wa'Fiyyah in Najena's Dungeon

Marathan Allim - unlocked after you complete Dispatching the Destroyers the first time.

  1. Remnants of the Present (80) - Gather 10 fragments from the beach
  2. Fires That Melt Within... (80) - Create 10 rods in the Temple of Solusek Ro
  3. A Mineral to Guide By (80) - Harvest 10 crystals and defeat the guardian in the Lava Field
  4. The Power of One! (85) - Blood from beasties, crystal on void anchor isle
  5. Driven into the Flames! (80) - drive 10 spikes into specific braziers in the Temple of Solusek Ro -
  6. A Cleansing This Temple Needs... (85, repeatable once per day) - Use the Purplish Crystal, then defeat 12 of the enemies trapped in the Temple of Solusek Ro.

Pyrissa Flamecog - requires minimal faction with Order of Flame to start these quests

  1. Ramp Up the Adventure (82)
  2. No More Avoiding (82) - Kill the overseer in each of the 3 caves
  3. Passing the Stones (82) - put an okute stone in each of the 3 caves
  4. Void Infestation (82) - Kill Void invaders in the halls of Najena's Dungeon
  5. Back to the Caves (82)

Repeatable Missions

Saedie Kalterra - gives Missions for the Order of Flame. These three quests may be repeated once per day, and each rewards an Unbound Elemental Essence.
  1. Cleansing the Elements (84 repeatable) - Gather 10 Void Essences and 2 Void Lattices, then kill an Elemental Lord
  2. Cleansing the Elements Again (84 repeatable) - Gather 10 more Void Essences and 2 more Void Lattices, then kill another Elemental Lord
  3. The Last of the Elemental Cleansing (84 repeatable) - Gather 10 more Void Essences and 2 more Void Lattices, then kill another Elemental Lord!


inside Najena's Dungeon

Farminh Al'Ladar

  1. Out of Her Element... (85 Epic)
  2. Hook, Line and...Anchor? (85 Epic)

Nida Wa'Fiyyah

  1. Elemental Mystery (82) - Reanimate the Elemental Lord of Poison and then slay it
  2. Elemental Problem (82) - Reanimate the Elemental Lord of Storm and then slay it
  3. Elemental Problem Solved (82)
  4. Barred No More (82) - return to Pallasa Rargon

The Shadow Odyssey (GU50)

Najena's Dungeon

For missions in the two Heroic instances of Najena's Dungeon, see Shadow Odyssey Missions.

Taxaynir L'Nvir


a Lavastorm mount station

Mount Stations

A harnessed lava spirit can take you from any station in each circuit to any other station within the same circuit.

Southern Circuit:

North-Western Circuit:


Teleportation disks at the following locations must be stepped on first to unlock.

Game Update #51
Elements of Corruption
Live: March 31, 2009
This zone received a revamp with Game Update #51. It now has content for players level 45-55 and 78+. Generally speaking this content is in separate areas.
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