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Guild Wars 2
The depths of the Maguuma Jungle were relatively unexplored in the original Guild Wars, so the design team and artists had a lot of leeway and room to grow into wonderful concepts and fantastic settings. The Mursaat have not been seen in decades, and the Shining Blade is now the queen of Kryta's right hand. The jungle itself no longer bows to Human rule, bit is instead the province of the cunning Asura and the mysterious Sylvari.

Rata Sum, the centre of asuran civilization, is a thriving metroplex of magical invention. Their strange experiments have altered swaths of the jungle, releasing uncertain enemies white studying the Eternal Alchemy of life. From teals coils of magical lightning to the stoic golems that protect the city, the asura's highly magical nature offered a lot of wonderful territory to build true high-fantasy design within the world.

Near the coast, a seed planted long ago by a weary solider sprouted into a great and glorious Pale Tree. Twenty five years ago, the tree flowered, and the first of the Sylvari stepped out into the world, fully grown. Their affinity for plants, their mystic nature and their innate sense of wonder shaped the coast of the Maguuma Jungle irrevocably, making it a place where they could thrive. Their home, and Grove, is a wondrous blend of culture and wilderness.

Both of these races are magical in nature, allowing us a wonderful opportunity to showcase green growth and lush environments, and provide a distinct contradiction to the more technological Charr areas, or the ‘civilized' Human areas of the world, Maguuma is inhabited by minor races as well, including the ratlike skritt, the stoic tengu, and the gentle quaggan. It is a wild territory, an enchanted forest, a green and verdant frontier.

The Sylvari, our newest race, were a challenge because we wanted to bring in a fae influence, but keep it distinct from the common fantasy “elf”. Their plant-like evolution and extreme youth in contrast to the other races gives them a unique place in the game.

The depths of the Maguuma Jungle are also a place of great and ancient magic, waiting to be discoved. We wanted the jungle to feel ancient and enchanted, including the creatures there.

The Sylvari themselves are divided into groups that evoke the seasons, based on the hour od their birth. Dawn brings birth to the associated with Autumn, and so forth.

From their homes and environments to their garb and armour, and even skin and hair, the design of the Sylvari is all cantered around their absolute bond with nature. They are essentially the embodiment of the natural spirit, so it was important that this idea be echoed in every facet of their civilization.

Sylvari necromancers like Trahearne revel in the life-and-death cycle of nature. As the cycle isn't “evil” neither ar they, despite their more sinister appearance. Parts of the Maguuma are also filled with darkness- it is, after all, another side to life.

The Monsters in Maguuma gave the artists a wonderful chance to play with unusual textures. Wood, thorns, vines, and other natural elements all came together into one imposing whole.

Not all things in the Maguuma Jungle are friendly, and not all sylvari follow the path of goodness and light. The difficult part was to make the Nightmare Court both recognizable as Sylvari, and clearly evil in nature.

As a race, the Hylek had far to go. The addition of crafted materials and more modern weapons gave them an edge they'd been missing, and a redesign of their houses lent to the effect that they were a rapidly developing, if still simplistic, race.

Over the past 200 years, the Maguuma Jungle has seen the largest influx of the now influences weather pushed up from below by the Destroyers, like the Asura, or blossoming into unprecedented life, like the Sylvari.

The Asura, once an underground race, have been pushed to the surface by Destroyers. Their incredible intellect and magical knowledge serve them well dealing with the other races - and in carving out their own place within the enchanted Maguuma.

Asuran magic has advanced significantly in 250 years, allowing them to build bigger cities, branch out into new fields, and develop new colleges of research. They've left the past behind, and moved on to bigger - and more explosive - things.

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