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Our guides are user editable! If you find a conflict or typo, please don't hesitate to login and edit it yourself. Or you can leave a note in the comments section (the "Discuss" link at the top of the page).
These guides are designed to help new players maximize their gaming experience.

Soul Collection
So you've just started playing or your playing a calling you haven't played yet.. So where the heck in the Vigil's bathroom do you find your souls? Find out all you need right here.

Player's Advice
From the infamous "The "Things I wish I had known sooner" thread..." in the official rift forums. Compiled in an easy format of top tips and advice players have for beginners and advanced gamers. A must read for everyone!

Statistics and numbers that help your character in-game get stronger and more adaptable to certain environments. Get the Cutting Edge of stats before the rat race.

Compiled in one place all the gameplay tutorials you need to jump into Rift, From movement, quests and calling specific tutorials.


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