Armor Runes (Rift)  


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Each zone has an Ally Faction and each of these has a Quartermaster that sells Runes that will improve a particular type of armor. They will only sell these to players that have earned a certain Notoriety with their faction.

These Armor Runes use the same attachment point as player-crafted Runes. An Armor Rune and a player-crafted Rune or Runeshard will not stack and the newly applied one will destroy the older one.

FactionZoneQuartermasterLocationArmor SlotNotoriety Required
Freemarch WardensFreemarchQuartermaster FryKing's RetreatBeltHonored
Freemarch WardensFreemarchQuartermaster GerandDenegar's StandBeltHonored
Quicksilver ScholarsSilverwoodQuartermaster MoliraQuicksilver CollegeBeltDecorated
Granite FallsStonefieldQuartermaster VerdsonGranite Falls QMs in Stonefield and Gloamwood do not sell Runes
Gloamwood WaykeepersGloamwoodSardon KenradGloamwood Pines
Quarry Rats (Defiant only)Scarlet GorgeQuartermaster Orst Scarwood Lift BaseLegsDecorated
Quarry Rats (Guardians only)Scarlet GorgeQuartermaster TimminsenOverwatchLegsDecorated
Red Scar TrackersScarwood ReachLelani PonlaiPerspiceHelmetDecorated
Iron Claw TrappersScarwood ReachMiron LedinoKain's CommandHelmetDecorated
Arcane HandDroughtlandsQuartermaster UzanLantern HookLegsHonored
RuneguardMoonshade HighlandsQuartermaster BalintReclaimer's HoldBeltHonored
IcewatchIron Pine PeakMaster-at-Arms VarisWhitefallHelmetGlorified
Dragonslayer CovenantShimmersandQuartermaster KemarWyrmbane SpireLegsGlorified
Order of MathosStillmoorQuartermaster SavijaZareph's ReturnBeltGlorified
The KeepersEmber IsleHelera RuesenEmber Watch QMs in Ember Isle do not sell Runes
The FarclanEmber IsleNyla GrildenFarhall
Eternal City SurvivorsEastern HoldingsSerrik TavalonUrsin Grove BunkerNeckGlorified †
Necropolis CaretakersSeratosPurla IliraNecropolisBeltGlorified †
The QaijiriAshoraEeloNurjak VostraCapeHonored/Glorified †
As an example, the following four runes are for sale for 20 0  from Quicksilver Scholars' Quartermaster Molira. You must be regarded as Decorated or higher, they can be applied only to a Belt-slotted item, and each adds +3 to one Main stat.

† Honored (Minor) Armor Runes sold by QMs in Storm Legion are Rare (+18 to main stat, +10 to End), while Glorified Armor Runes are Epic (+35 to main stat, +19 End)!

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