Stillmoor (Rift Quest Series)  

Quest Series
Starting ZoneStillmoor
Rec. Levels45 to 50
Previous Shimmersand
Iron Pine Peak
Next Ember Isle
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Quest Series
Quest lists direct from our database: Most, if not all, quests in this zone increase Notoriety with Order of Mathos.

This zone is divided. If you entered from Iron Pine Peak you take the path to the left if you are of The Defiant, Right if you are a Guardian.

Rare Monsters

Rare monsters in Stillmoor will drop an item that will start a quest to take the evidence of your heroism to Natalija Pavlica of the Order of Mathos at Zareph's Return.

Azumel the ScreecherGiant batThalin TorAzumel's ClawAzumel the Screecher
Blood BoughGiant treantBlood GroveBlood Bough's BranchBlood Bough
Thagrux the UncleanAbominationCaer Kholum Thagrux the Unclean
SpineclawDrakeEye of RegulosSpineclaw's SpineSpineclaw
The Endless BroodmotherGravemakerDeath's Approach The Endless Broodmother
Taziel KanurDemihumanBriarcliffTaziel's NotebookTaziel Kanur
Khromas the EternalDemihumanDeath's Approach Khromas the Eternal
Experimental War GolemGolemThe Endless Citadel Experimental War Golem
Jom TurnerWerewolfRavenna Jom Turner
Kill any seven of the above to complete A Dangerous Endeavor.

Order of Mathos

Endless Watch

Verick Sevoris - <Order of Mathos>

Seriva Agorivitch - <Order of Mathos>


Edmic BerizanAdriana Weaver

  1. Lady of Shadows (45) - Speak to Adriana Weaver in Endless Watch
  2. The Past (45) - Collect a Crude Map
  3. In a Quiet Place (45) - Question Endless Watch Citizens
  4. Where the Dead Rest (45) - Collect the Sigil Halves or kill the Obrivic Sentinel
  5. The Noble Lie (45) - Collect the Obrivic Signet in Freemarch

Phoenix Rise

Aziz KafritiIvitch RetskyRevinov Dehzbog

  1. The View on High (45) - Look through the Scout's Telescope
  2. Bled Reckoning (45) - Kill 6 Mathosian Champions and Men-at-Arms
  3. Slowly Growing Colder (45) - Bring death to Chessa Nemezy and Razumin Dreshev
  4. What's Your Poison? (45) - Have Richter drink your poisoned blood
  5. Into the Vale (45) - Speak with Mob:Atya Koreen] in Broken Vale

Havrica Ko

  1. Of A Mind to Agree (45) - Use Orphiel's Geas on a Mathosian Man-at-Arms
  2. They All Talk (45) - use the Torture Console to summon the prisoner and interrogate him

Seresen Riennen

Ivitch Retsky

  1. Emblems of Mathos (45) - Collect 5 Emblems of Mathos

Revinov Dehzbog

  1. Servants to the Night (45) - Kill 12 Blood Drained Thralls

Yasmaren Vitenya

  1. Shot in the Dark (45) - Capture 5 Forlorn Spirit with the Nether Cannon


Mathos Family Seal

Broken Vale

Atya Koreen

  1. Last Howl (46) - Kill 6 Longfang Savages and 6 Longfang Wolves
  2. Next:
  3. While there...
  4. Their Home Away from Home (46) - Speak to Ianna Todrin in Wolfsbane

Dimitri Sverig

  1. Alleviating the Curse (46) - Collect 8 King's Colors from Briarcliff
  2. Master of the Pack (46) - Kill Ahalya Redwolf

Thelestriel Gwynar

  1. The Secret is in the Blood (46) - Collect 8 Samples of Cursed Blood from Lycanthropic Defiants
  2. The Force of Will (46) - use Collar of Reverence on a Lycanthropic Defiant
  3. A Temporary Cure (46) - Use the King's Commands on 3 Lycanthropic Defiants

Jehn Andonicks

  1. Wolves of the Wisp (46) - Kill 5 Emerald Wisps
  2. Following the Light (46) - Use the Expansion Orb on an Emerald Wisp


Ianna Todrin

  1. Those Who Speak with Beasts (47) - Kill 4 Emerald Scale Packleaders in Edgewood
  2. Strike While the Iron is Hot (48) - Kill 5 Iron Sentinels

Robyn Stormgrave

  1. The Things Beasts Keep (47) - Collect 5 Attunement Stones from Emerald Scale Werewolves
  2. Next:
  3. Galenir's Last Answer (47) - Activate Galenir's Soothing Stone, then kill Galenir

Abasi KhaliTelthaeus's FaithHylas's Command

Lord Viktor Striblud

  1. No Better than Dogs (47) - Kill 5 Emerald Scale Magi and Priestesses and 5 Emerald Scale Tormentors and Executioners in Edgewood
  2. The Weapon They Fear (47) - Collect 8 Life-Altered Weapons from Aelfwar Weapon racks

Gharro Rezuli

  1. Makeover (47) - Burn down 3 of the Primordial Altars
  2. Unhallowed Technology (48) - Collect 6 Eth Tecnologies
  3. The Eye of Regulos (48) - Find Garu Ahmin in Ruston


Garu Ahmin

  1. Dying on the Edge (48) - Kill 5 Endless Shademages and 8 Endless Darkblades, Persecutors, and Voidguards

Nazeel Ferik

  1. Digging in the Dirt (48) - Use the Construct Activator to summon a JKG-77, then follow him and collect 5 Blessed Weapons he uncovers

Ryan DarmornEth TechLynda Seves

  1. Dark Talismans (48) - Collect 10 Shade Talismans
  2. Nether Protection (48) - Attune the Shade Talisman
  3. Cast Back to the Shadows (48) - Stop Alsbeth's Ritual in the Eye of Regulos

Senka Zikovia

  1. Hearts Aflame (48) - Collect 4 Loosely Stitched hearts

Lynda Seves

Milica Orlovic

Dimitar Jegos

  1. First:
  2. A Shot Through the Heart (49) - use the Justice of Mathos on a defeated Progeny of Ironhart
  3. The Search for Moonbloom (49) - Collect 6 Moonblooms
  4. Spirit Animus (49) - Place the Moonbloom in the Mystic Brazier
  5. A Pledge Amongst Brothers (49) - Find Dragomir Rakovic at Zareph's Return

Caer Kholum

Kholum Apprentice Corpse

  1. The Duke's Plan (50) - Show the Dispatch to Mob:Dragomir Rakovic] at Zareph's Return


Crusader's Advance

Clark StampGreggor Kerkosa

  1. The View from Up Here (45) - Survey the landscape with the Scout's Telescope
  2. Soldiers of Misfortune (45) - Kill 6 Mathosian Champions and Men-at-Arms, and 6 Profane Symbols
  3. One Last Dance (45) - Bring death to Lev Nevok and Dravko Skeda
  4. I'll Just Have a Sip (45) - Have Lillithiara drink your poisoned blood

Clark Stamp

  1. Vigil for the Damned (45) - Use the Vigil's Grace on 6 corpses of Ghostly Mathosians and Rotting Mathosians

Beatrice Wengrove

  1. Bound by Honor (45) - Use the Vigil Chains on a Mathosian Man-at-Arms
  2. No More Secrets (45) - Prepare the Sourcestone Offering and observe the Interrogation

Lenna GreenvaleGreggor KerkosaDresh Monesky

  1. That was the Old Mathosia (45) - Collect 5 Holy Idols
  2. Next:
  3. After I'll Just Have a Sip:


Mathosian Family Seal - dropped from a Mathosian Knight

Warden's Descent

Maristen Crow

  1. Breaking the Pack (46) - Kill 6 Longfang Savages and 6 Longfang Wolves
  2. After The Light that Leads:
  3. House Aelfwar (46) - Find Jane Pierce in Trial of the Sentinel

Tristen Altenny

  1. Remnants of Faith (46) - Collect 5 Pendants of the Vigil from Longfang Savages in Ravenna
  2. Next:

Frago Mossmonger

  1. Blinded by the Light (46) - Kill 5 Emerald Wisps
  2. Belying Rage (46) - Use collar on a Savage Werewolf
  3. The Light that Leads (46) - Use the Explusion Orb on an Emerald Wisp, then follow it "home"

Drego Kreminir

  1. Blood of the Faithful (46) - Gather 4 Samples of Coagulated Blood from Guardians' Corpses in Ravenna
  2. After The Light that Leads:


Galenir's Command

Eye of Greenscale

Trial of the Sentinel

Story: Burdock GraybellowsJane Pierce

  1. Attuning the Aelfwar (47) - Collect 5 Attunement Stones from Emerald Scale Werewolves
  2. Keeping Control (47) - Activate a Soothing Stone
  3. Galenir's Last Act (47) - Find Ellen Frell

Jane Pierce

  1. Those Who Walk with Dogs (47) - Kill 4 Emerald Scale Packleaders
  2. After Galenir's Last Act:

Liel Mayweather

  1. The Hunt Rages On (47) - Kill Aelenoth the Tranquil, Ariana of the Emerald Eye, and Telthaeus
  2. Trimming the Verge (47) - Use the Faetouched Inhibitor on Aelfwar Infestations

Danika Zaria

Evangar Havenson

  • Alien Altars (47) - Destroy 3 of the {{riftobject|Primordial Altar}]s

Periman Highring


Telthaeus's Rage

Thalin Tor

Story: Donal SumptorAlvric KastionBen FelstedSir Isaak KazimirDame Levitia Volya

  1. First:
  2. Ascension of Darkness (48) - Speak with Donal Sumptor
  3. Silent as the Grave (48) - Find Dame Levitia Volya at the graveyard northeast of Thalin Tor
  4. Not Ready to Die (48) - Find Captain Ledisko before she suffocates
  5. Rise and Fall (48) - Add 5 villager corpses to the pile, then purify them and talk to Corwin Mathos
  6. Past Is Prologue (48) - Deliver the 12th Guard Orders to Captain Zamora, then report to Tam Daggerborne in Sanctum
  7. Check your mailbox for a package from Cyril Kalmar for your final rewards for this series.

Nyriel Windspell

  1. Living on the Edge (48) - Kill 5 Endless Shademages and 6 Endless Darkblades, Endless Persecutors, and Endless Voidguards in the Eye of Regulos
  2. after Rise and fall:

Miriam Glen

After Getting Some Shade:
Alvric KastionBen FelstedDejan Jevric

After Rise and Fall:
Kerik Tolstov

  • Caged Up (48) - Rescue 5 prisoners from Crude Prisons in Twisted Hollow

Trials of Mathos

Adrina Nikolin

  1. after Rise and Fall:
  2. Lay Down and Stay Down (49) - Use the Justice of Mathos on 5 defeated Spawn of Thalos' in Caer Thalos
  3. Moonblooms (49) - Collect 6 Moonblooms in Twisted Hollow
  4. The Spirit Walk (49) - Place the Moonbloom in the brazier
  5. Brothers in Harms (49) - Find Dragomir Rakovic in Zareph's Return

Eye of Regulos

Blessed Shield - from any Undead

Zareph's Return - Order of Mathos

Valeria Tazin

Dragomir Rakovic

Javor Konjovic


Adriana Weaver

Faceless Man

  1. Broken Trust and Broken Hearts (50) - Kill Mulia the Witch and deal with Uriel's betrayal


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Some dailies will be unavailable until you have completed a prerequisite, but it seems that the daily offered from each NPC is simply on a rotation.

Before any of the following are offered you must first complete both Assault on the Citadel and They All Fall Down.

Dragomir Rakovic

Javor Konjovic

Nikola Mirolin

Radojka Zdrale

Valeria Tazin

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