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Raid Strategy

Alsbeth the Discordant is a 3-phase encounter with 3 million health. Throughout all phases, Alsbeth will cast Punish Soul. This will appear as an emote stating a raider is "Wracked with Energy". Any raider affected must run, and continue running, until the debuff wears off. If the raider stops or jumps, it will deal 1-3k death damage raid-wide per second.

During phase 1, Alsbeth will cast Chains of Discord, which deals approximately 2k damage and spreads to up to 12 nearby raiders. Alsbeth will also cast Grave Bolt at the tank, a debuff which will deal 4-8k damage and increase damage received by 1%. Tanks should monitor this debuff throughout the encounter, and be prepared to taunt off. During this phase, Fallen Guardians/Defiant will spawn and your offtanks should pick these up and bring them to the boss. These can be AoE'd along with Alsbeth.

Approximately every 40-45 seconds, Alsbeth will become immune and go into the air. This is the most complex phase of the fight. Adds will spawn which need to be picked up and DPS'd pretty quickly. A random raider will also be targeted with Discordant Meteor. This person will have an orange AoE ground effect around the character and you want at least 6 (but optimally 12 or more) raiders to stack on that raider before it hits. In the unlikely, yet possible, situation where a raider is struck with both Discordant Meteor and Punish soul; that raider should run, thank the RNG, and hope for a battle rez.

Once the adds are down, raiders should focus down the Discordant Pillars (it will start with one and increase each air phase, up to 3 total). Once the last Discordant Pillar is at about 25% health, the main tank should get in position to tank Alsbeth again, as she will become active once the last pillar is down, and returns to phase 1.

Once Alsbeth reaches 20% health, phase 3 will begin. This will start with some RP, and she will heal for her full health. During this phase, she will spawn 10-15 Discordant Energies (which should be put within AoE range of Alsbeth, but not on top of her), and she will occasionally gain a reflective shield. Crystals will spawn, and melee DPS (as well as any non-committed offtank) should run these to her as each one deals approximately 7% damage. Ranged DPS should AoE both Alsbeth and the Discordant Energies until her reflective shield goes up. The tank should watch for the shield buff, at which point DPS should cancel all AoE's and instead focus them on the Discordant Energies.



A fallen lineage

Alsbeth Rothmann came to the Court of Mathos as a quiet young girl with sallow skin and dark hair who always stood behind the crowd, alone under the shadow of her family's grave dishonor. Her ancient lineage had been in a slow and steady decline since Phynnious Rothmann, first of the Pyromancers, originally won glory. Her father had murdered her mother for adultery, and was himself executed in turn. Young Alsbeth found herself an orphan, and then a homeless one, as her uncle inherited the family estate and promptly kicked her out. Out of pity, Queen Lenia Mathos offered Alsbeth shelter in the court of King Jostir. Lenia died shortly thereafter from an incurable disease, and though young Alsbeth remained in the palace, she had lost her only advocate, and Jostir was indifferent to her status. She did not play with the other children in the castle, but spent her time reading in the library, or walking alone through the hills around Caer Mathos. It was not until she attended Quicksilver College that Alsbeth began to emerge from her shell. She distinguished herself and gained a voice as her accomplishments bolstered her in the eyes of the professors and other students. While she had few friends, she did attract many followers. Only Asha Catari was as well-known as Alsbeth (as much for rebellion as for brilliance), and once Asha was expelled, Alsbeth took sole reign over the school.

Alsbeth arisen

She returned to the Court of Mathos a powerful mage, her family's ignoble past buried beneath the weight of her accomplishments. After King Jostir died, both princes tried to curry her favor in their building conflict. Many believed she would fight for Aedraxis if she took any interest at all in the squabble for succession, but Zareph must have offered her the better prize, for she ended up riding in his honor guard. By all accounts, Alsbeth fought valiantly throughout the Mathosian Civil War, and her name — along with Cyril, Shyla, Borrin, and Carwin — worked its way into the songs and legends of Zareph's colorful band of rebels. The Alsbeth of song was a mysterious and laconic figure, who weaved spells and plots to overcome Aedraxis. Alsbeth perished when the rifts came, but none were surprised that one of Telara's leading mages arose as a Guardian. Along with the other Ascended, Alsbeth helped Zareph lead the refugees to Port Scion. There, she spent years as a seemingly loyal and steadfast defender of the city.

The Discordant

The stories were wrong about Alsbeth Rothmann. She was not a withdrawn-but-virtuous follower of Zareph, but a foul and insidious servant of Regulos. It was Alsbeth who set into motion the fall of Port Scion, Alsbeth who is responsible for the disappearance and presumed death of Prince Zareph. After the city fell, the Guardians blamed the Defiant, for Alsbeth used an Eth machine to lower the city's defenses. Meanwhile the Defiant blamed the Guardians, as Alsbeth was a Guardian herself. If not for her treachery, it is possible that the two Ascended factions could have found some common ground, and so she earned her dubious honorific, “the Discordant.” And discord she has sown ever since that day, as the leader of the Endless Court and the most formidable Necromancer alive. Though Alsbeth makes no secret of her obsession with returning Aedraxis from his well-deserved oblivion, there is no room in her smoking crater of a heart for anyone but the Destroyer. Still, no evidence exists that Alsbeth worked for Regulos before the very day she doomed Port Scion. Her fall from grace is all the more horrible for being so sudden, all-consuming, and unforgivable. Alsbeth's hand can be seen in the defilement of Iron Tomb, the invasion of Freemarch, and anywhere the Endless rear their blaspheming heads. This traitor must be stopped, and it will fall to the Ascended — the true Ascended — to bring her down before she unleashes unspeakable wickedness upon Telara.

River of Souls
World Event

Rift: Patch 1.1

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