Rift Quest:Fires of Rebirth  

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This is a Zone Event in Ember Isle.

Scerrion gets stuck in the air above the volcano. If you send in a bug report a GM might come and unstick him.


  • Assault and Retake Outposts: 2 Inscribed Sourcestones
  • Kill Hellions: 5 Inscribed Sourcestones, 3 Crystallized Insight
  • Collect Planar Splinters: 2 Inscribed Sourcestones
  • Shoot Scerrion Down: 2 Inscribed Sourcestones
  • Kill Scerrion: 10 Inscribed Sourcestones, 10 Crystallized Insight

Estimated Time: 45 Minutes

Stage One

Four Sourcewells will be designated as points to defend. These will get a Crystalized Sourcestone in place of the Defense Arch. While doing this, destroy 4 Volcanic Breaches.

Stage Two

Use Thermal Tracking to find and defeat 3 of Scerrion's Hellions

Stage Three

Help the 10 spirits to expose Scerrion

Stage Four

Collect 25 Planar Splinters from rifts and deliver them to Keeper Pillars

Stage Five

Use Planar Launchers around the Keeper Pillars to shoot down Scerrion (100 hits)

Stage Six

Kill Scerrion

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