Rift Quest:The Seed of Change  

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This is a Zone Event in Ember Isle.


  • Capture Overgrown Outposts: 2 Inscribed Sourcestones
  • Rescue Spirits & Deliver Raw Nature Essence: 2 Inscribed Sourcestones
  • Destroy the Seed Fragments: 10 Inscribed Sourcestones, 8 Crystallized Insight
  • Defeat Alltha: 10 Inscribed Sourcestones, 10 Crystallized Insight

Estimated Time: 25 Minutes

Stage One

Four Sourcewells will be designated as points to defend. These will get a Crystalized Sourcestone in place of the Defense Arch. At all others, the Defense Arch will be replaced by a planar idol. The goal is to defeat eight of the planar idols while defending the four Crystalized Sourcestones.

Stage Two

Rescue Nature Spirits and Deliver Raw Nature Essence (50)

Stage Three

Defend the Keeper Engineers as they set up the 6 turrets needed to negate Alltha's shield.

Find an Engineer and follow him, protecting him. Use the Encouragement temporary skill while targeting him to make him move faster.

Stage Four

Destroy 8 Seed Fragments (990k HP) to deny their energy to Alltha

Stage Five

Defeat Alltha (1.4M HP)

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