Scarwood Reach - Defiant (Rift Quest Series)  

Scarwood Reach - Defiant
Quest Series
Starting ZoneScarwood Reach
Rec. Levels30 to 40
Previous Scarlet Gorge - Defiant
Next Droughtlands
Moonshade Highlands
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Quest Series
Quest lists direct from our database: Most, if not all, quests in this zone increase Notoriety with Red Scar Trackers.

Guardians: see Scarwood Reach - Guardians
The Sunrest Bridge separates Stonefield to the south, Scarwood Reach to the north and the Scarlet Gorge to the east.

Ancient Wardstones

In various places throughout this zone you will find an Ancient Wardstone. Use your Activate Ancient Wardstone Ascended ability to activate the wardstone and summon an NPC (Note: He may already be there if someone else has activated the wardstone recently). Each completion of one of these Daily quests will reward you with a Vile Sourceshard.

For a complete recap of all we know about these artifacts, including locations and quests, see Ancient Wardstone

Scarwood Lift Summit

Due to the way the series are linked, quests at this location will be listed both here and in the Scarlet Gorge Quest Series.

Ludmil Pavel

  1. A Rift Bereft (30) - Kill 7 Dust Demons
  2. Two Sides to Their Stories (30) - Interrogate a Loggerman Foreman and recover 3 Pages of the Lift Shipping Manifest

Dimitri Bazidar

  1. Joining the Hunt (31) - Speak with Nikolai Vanya in Perspice

Scarwood Ridge

Grusha PavinovaRadav the WiseIosuv Tulvei

  1. First:
  2. Antivenin Administration (30) - Use Antivenin on 4 wrapped victims
  3. Trying Something New (30) - Collect 6 Scarwood Mithril Ore and 10 Sourcestone Fragments
  4. Better, Stronger, Faster (30) - Use the Sourcestone Engine and Obtain the Planar Acuity Ray
  5. Proof of Concept (30) - Kill 6 creatures from the Winds of Ill Fortune rift and seal the Reliquary of the Storm Queen
  6. Keenblade Construction (30) - Deliver the Pump Repair Kit to Vladinov Dima at Keenblade Mill

Iosuv Tulvei

  1. Chitin Crushing (30) - Kill 5 Bloodsilk Mageweavers
  2. Defending the Line (30) - Kill 9 Air Elementals

Brigadier Bavila

Logger's Rest/Keenblade Mill

Vladinov DimaAriza Nostal

  1. Keenblade Upkeep (31) - Find Ariza Nostal below Keenblade Mill
  2. A Mechanic's Work Is Never Done (31) - Protect Ariza Nostal

Kaspar MassiAni Volia

  1. First:
  2. Suspicious Intentions (31) - Collect Eidt's Control Rune from Head Foreman Eidt
  3. Justified Measures (31) - Use the Safety Override Switch on 3 Keenblade Constructs
  4. Disruption of Service (31) - Investigate the Ambushed Cart
  5. Another Direction (31) - Speak with Marvei Rostya at Granite Watch

Agrippina Iakova

  1. Diseased Vermin (31) - Clean 6 Polluted Critters

Granite Watch

Matvei Rostya

  1. Recovering the Unknown (31) - Collect 6 Shipping Manifest Scraps
  2. Warranted Hostility (31) - Disrupt Nyrel's Ward, kill Nyrel Kilwei and recover the hijacked shipment
  3. Alive on Arrival (31) - Deliver the Alchemy Supplies to Uriel Chuluun in Perspice

Serge Iakov

  1. What's for Lunch? (31) - Collect 5 Gastrointestinal tracts
  2. Catch and Release (31) - Collect 5 Captured Squirrels
  3. Bait and Switch (31) - Use the Squirrel Steak to summon Icka the Ill Toothed, kill him and collect his hide
  4. The Enemy You Know (31) - Collect Moonshade Pendants from Fellpine Moonshadows, Armored Collars from Fellpine Nightstalkers, and Life-Etched Bracers from Fellpine Blackthorns in Granitewood Haunt

Terenti Osip

  1. Ethian Technology Uncovered (31) - Collect 3 Ethian Machinery


Norel EvanovUriel ChuluunKira Thanos

  1. Aelfwar Ambushes (32) - Collect a Life Imbued Bomb
  2. Urgent Experimentation (32) - Collect 6 Dark Hearts
  3. Defusing Life (32) - Use the Distilled Death Essence to defuse the Life Imbued Bomb
  4. Derailed Agenda (32) - Disarm the three Life-imbued Bombs
  5. Not Without a Trace (34) - Follow the traces of Uriel Chuluun's movements through Lotham's Strike
    • You have 10 seconds to get this quest while Kira is talking to Uriel at the end of Derailed Agenda!

Norel Evanov

  1. A Measure of Protection (32) - Collect 6 Ironvine Roots
  2. Beneath the Lines (32) - Kill Elor Vilas
  3. Thinning Our Ranks (32) - Speak with Andrei Alexi in Perspice

Levi Nikolavich

  1. Abandoned in Fear (32) - Collect 7 Abandoned Rations
  2. Foreign Legion (32) - Kill 8 Ironvine Aelfwar

The Tusk and Tinder

Nicolai Vanya

Andrei AlexiIlya Matriosha

  1. A Trail of Trolls (33) - Escort Kayfax
  2. Spelunking with Trolls (33) - Delve into Trollblight Caverns
  3. A Desperate Fight (33) - Speak with Lotham Darkmoon at Lotham's Strike
  4. Report to the Vale Savants (35) - Speak with Razeed Vithalis in the College of Planar Studies in Meridian

Alyona Dunya

  1. A Mother's Wrath (33) - Kill 12 Blightskin Crushers, 5 Blightskin Rippers and 2 Blightskin Dominated in Trollblight Caverns
  2. To Honor a Hero (35) - Stand within the golden ring and receive the congratulations of the citizens of Perspice

Stalking Prey

Nicolai Vanya
  1. Stalking Prey (33) - Collect 5 Perspice Hunting Tokens by turning in hunting trophies.
  2. Pursuing Prey (33) - Collect 5 more Perspice Hunting Tokens by turning in hunting trophies.

There are twenty-one rare, named monsters in this zone. each of them will drop an item, available to all in the group or raid, that starts a quest. Each quest rewards a Perspice Hunting Token when turned in. Most of the mobs are soloable, a few are Elite and at least one is Epic.

For information about the locations of these mobs, see A Hunter's Guide to Scarwood Reach.

Lotham's Strike

Tank Dooks

  1. Bare Knuckled (32) - Kill Knuckles
  2. Bare Knuckled: The Return (32) - Defeat the next mystery contender

Kira Thanos

Kira ThanosAsha Catari

  1. Operation: Rift Walker (34) - Deliver the Ambush Order to Kira
  2. Heeding the Call (34) - Find Asha Catari deep inside Lotham's Strike
  3. Exercise in their Frustration (34) - Speak with Asha Catari
  4. Saving the Scarwood (34) - Assist Asha Catari in closing the rift

Asha Catari

Fara Diresong

  • Secret Weapon (34) - Stop Demented Forest Spirits from getting Bahka's Fire

Gord Crackstone

Lotham Darkmoon

  1. The Bigger They Are (34) - Kill a Devout Dominator and a Twisted Nature Spirit
  2. Severing Their Life Line (34) - Destroy 2 Life Nexuses
  3. Hole in the Wall (34) - Speak with Athani Midnight at Lotham's Strike

Necromancer Zahalred

Athani Midnight

  1. Let Them Come (34) - Defend the Darkmoon forces
  2. Last Hope (34) - Speak with Shanna Sergei at Last Hope

Blight Powder - dropped by any Satyr in Lotham's Strike

Ambush Order - dropped by a Guardian Scout

Last Hope

Zhanna Sergei

  1. Open Communication (35) - Use a Planar Displacer
  2. Next:
  3. Next:
  4. Next:
  5. Fall of House Aelfwar (35) - Kill Voldax
  6. Hero of the Planes (35) - Speak with Ilya Matriosha in Perspice

Granitewood Crossing

Azdea ThelisTreasure Map

  1. An Innocent Condemned (33) - Collect a Bone Key to free the prisoner
  2. X Marks the Spot (33) - Find the Treasure Stash

Trollblight Caverns

Life Shard Fragment from a Riftstorm Controller

Empowered Life Shard

Kara Brogan

Defiant Machine

  1. Harvester of Souls (33) - Collect 5 Death Essences from Aelfwar
  2. Flip the Script (33) - Collect and use the Energy Shard to create a Death Shard
  3. Unexpected Intervention (33) - Place the Death Shard in a Power Conduit

Afanas Inna

  1. A Troll's Lunch (33) - Get the key from Rakthug the troll
  2. The Secret Stairs (33) - Escort Afanas Inna out of Trollblight Caverns

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