Scarwood Reach - Guardians (Rift Quest Series)  

Scarwood Reach - Guardians
Quest Series
Starting ZoneScarwood Reach
Rec. Levels30 to 40
Previous Scarlet Gorge - Guardians
Next Droughtlands
Moonshade Highlands
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Quest Series
Quest lists direct from our database: Most, if not all, quests in this zone increase Notoriety with Iron Claw Trappers.

Defiants: see Scarwood Reach - Defiant

Ancient Wardstones

In various places throughout this zone you will find an Ancient Wardstone. Use your Activate Ancient Wardstone Ascended ability to activate the wardstone and summon an NPC (Note: He may already be there if someone else has activated the wardstone recently). Each completion of one of these Daily quests will reward you with a Vile Sourceshard.

For a complete recap of all we know about these artifacts, including locations and quests, see Ancient Wardstone

Scarwood Pass

Kerevik Amblefoot

Sergeant Coda

Sergeant Clover

Camp Vigil

Story: Captain LediskoAdvisor Kyl'radi

  1. Seeds of Their Destruction (30) - Collect 6 Infused Ore from the cliff faces and 6 Raw Stormstone from the nests of Sharptalon Windwitches
  2. Stormborn (30) - Call upon the Vigil at the Blessed Cenotaph and collect the Stormbreaker Shard
  3. Reaping the Whirlwind (30) - Kill 6 creatures from the Winds of Ill Fortune rift and seal the Reliquary of the Storm Queen
  4. Stewards of the Grove (30) - Speak with Lej Hunal in Stone Grove

Sergeant Perdaro

PvP: Commandant Rigur

Stone Grove

Lej Hunal

  1. Fallen Revenue (30) - Gather 4 Dead Fall
  2. Nurturing the Grove (30) - Gather Grove Water for the saplings
  3. Trouble from the Mill (30) - Speak with Sir Alvarez Nilkova in Keenblade Barricade

Alio Romea

  1. Legacy of the Grove (30) - Examine the Monument to Carwin Mathos
  2. Shrines of Life (30) - repair the 5 Protective Shrines and kill 2 Keenblade Saboteurs

Omia Leen

Sergeant Revik

Keenblade Barricade - PvP

Sir Alvarez Nilkova

  1. A Slight Malfunction (31) - Use the Control Disruptor on 4 Keenblade Constructs
  2. The Score (31) - Retrieve the Stolen Sourcestone

Erik ValinezSpecialist Hobson

  1. The Missing Saboteur (31) - Find Specialist Hobson at Keenblade Mill
  2. A Work Stoppage (31) - Sabotage 3 Mill Machinery
  3. A Wrench in the Works (31) - Sabotage the Primary and Secondary Pump Control Stations, and the Flow Monitoring Station


After A Slight Malfunction

Erik Valinez

  1. A Repeating Malfunction (31) - Gain control of 4 Keenblade Constructs

Scarhide Picket

Douhgar "Shorty" Saveli

  1. A Balanced Diet (31) - Collect 6 Mudlace Fronds and 6 Snapvine Berries
  2. We Deliver! (31) - Deliver Food for the Troops to Fedor Saveli at Kain's Command

Private Musser

  1. I Could Eat an Ox (31) - Collect 4 Wolf Ribs and 6 Scarhide Haunchs

Ranh BurreckFallen Guardian Soldier

Kain's Command

Fedor Saveli

  1. Command Training (31) - Speak with Donal Sumptor, Captain Ledisko and Sir Martyn Myrsol

Gregory Bartnell

Captain Ledisko

  1. Natural Hazards (31) - Kill 7 Shardclaw Stalkers and 4 Barkbristle Tuskers
  2. Redeployment (31) - Speak with Sir Isaak Kazimir in Kain's Command

Sir Isaak Kazimir

Marshal Kain

Dame Levitia Volya

Medic LaranPrivate Bure

  1. Care for the Wounded (31) - Collect 5 Pouches of Life Infused Herbs
  2. Seeing Double (31) - Speak with Captain Ledisko, Dame Levitia Volya and Sir Guysun Lawless

Ralyn Laurel

  1. Insuring Their Safety (32) - Kill 8 Gorefang Crushers and 3 Gorefang Wranglers in Auld Warden
  2. Ancient Seedlings (32) - Collect 7 Auld Roots
  3. One Man's Junk (32) - Collect 6 Drake Resin from Drake Piles, then deliver them to Pavel Apostol in The Sagespire

Adela Anka

  1. Beyond Solace (35) - Speak with Fortuna Cosani in Sanctum


Vol Spiridon

  • Not a Drop to Drink (31) - Kill 8 Keenblade Mill Water Elementals and 12 Granitewood Haunt beasts

Kain's Hunt

There are rare mobs scattered throughout this zone. When you kill one, all group members will be able to loot an item that starts a quest. All of these quests are the same... take the item to the Hunt Judge, Adela Anka, and she will give you a Kain Hunting Token.

Vol Spiridon
  1. Kain's Hunt (33) - Collect 5 Kain Hunting Tokens by turning in hunting trophies

For information about the locations we know about, see A Hunter's Guide to Scarwood Reach.

Auld Warden

Erif Rohsal

  1. Respecting the Dead (32) - Collect 6 Blood Aniseed from Fellpine Dominators
  2. Requiem for the Dead (32) - Defend Dorel Vladi during the ritual of cleansing

Heroes' Stand

Sergeant Heinrich

  1. Search and Rescue (32) - Rescue 6 12th Guard Soldiers

Medic Kircher

  1. Clearing Out the Cobwebs (32) - Kill 8 Corpsewidow Spiders and destroy 3 Spider Burrows

Bohem Maroboduus

  1. Sacred Recollection (32) - Collect 6 Mysterious Remnants
  2. No New tale to Tell (32) - Deliver the Collection of Remnants to Marshal Kain at Kain's Command

Sir Piotr Siennicki

  1. Bahralt's Shrine (32) - Restore the Shrine of Bahralt

Lord's Hall

Sergeant Malsorn - the first soldier to be rescued at the top of the first stairs

Two-Headed Corpse

Carwin's JournalSir Guysun Lawless

  1. Lost Lore (32) - Deliver Carwin's Journal to Sir Guysun Lawless at Heroes' Stand
  2. Honoring the Auld Ways (32) - Speak with Ralyn Laurel at Kain's Command

The Sagespire

Sasha Nikadon

  1. On the Books (32) - Pick up the Dusty Tome
  2. Tower Defense (33) - Kill the 5 Planar Invaders coming through the portals
  3. After Fooling the Sages:
  4. After An Academic Matter:

Eminia Andre

  1. The Open Door (33) - Close the four cardinal portals
  2. A Temporary Solution (33) - Collect a Pinch of Sourcestone Powder, 4 Basilisk Eyes, and 4 Drake Fangs
  3. Sealing the Portal (33) - Use the Nexus Attractor, then kill Baelwrath

Protector Rysilver - afterThe Open Door

  1. Endless Correspondence (33) - Collect a Shatterbone Communique and kill a Shatterbone Courier
  2. Among the Endless (33) - Gather 3 Cultist Uniform Pieces from Shatterbone cultists
  3. An Academic Matter (33) - Speak with Sasha Nikadon in The Sagespire

Protector Carah - afterThe Open Door

  1. Scouting the Opposition (33) - Scout the western, northern and hilltop cultist camps
  2. End the Endless (33) - Kill 6 Shatterbone Slayers and Marauders, 3 Shatterbone Assassins and Hunters, and 2 Shatterbone Mages

Pavel Apostol - after Fooling the Sages

Zerin Golek - after Fooling the Sages

  1. Rare Berry Collection (33) - Collect 9 Thornbranch Berries
  2. A Healing Extract (33) - Deliver the Thornbranch Extract to Fadei Bogatyr in Camp Cestus

Timar Foothills

Shatterbone Report

Camp Cestus

a.k.a. the Portage Camp

Sir Isaak Kazimir

  1. Into the Breach (34) - Speak to Sir Martyn Myrsol at Shatterbone Hold
  2. After At Any Price:

Fadei Bogatyr

  1. An Unhealthy Fetish (34) - Collect 2 Death Fetishes
  2. After At Any Price:

Shatterbone Hold

Across the northern bridge

Sir Martyn MyrsolCaptain Zamora

  1. The Sharp End (34) - Protect the 12th Guard Specialists
  2. At Any Price (34) - Destroy the Orb of Horror

Captain Zamora

  1. The Butcher's Bill (34) - Kill 8 Shatterbone Raiders and 6 Shatterbone Marksmen
  2. Payment in Kind (34) - Kill 8 Shatterbone Spellcasters

Shatterbone Barricade

Down the ramp into Shatterbone Canyon

Dame Levitia VolyaDoctor Visek's Grimoire

  1. Obey the Fist! (34) - Kill {Ansche von Kursk
  2. The Heart of the Matter (34) - Collect {Dreadfang's Bloated Heart from Dreadfang in the Manticore Cave
  3. Paging Doctor Visek (35) - Kill Doctor Visek in the Blighted Pit Temple Room, then read his Grimoire
  4. Slave No Longer (35) - Get the Prism, unlock the energy barrier, and unmake Gnarlbone
  5. The Last Command (35) - Speak with Marshal Kain at Kain's Command

Medic Loros

  1. Local Cures (34) - Collect 6 Umbral Sedge
  2. Last Supper (34) - Poison 6 Hunting Cat Corpses

Private Mihai

  1. There's Too Many of Them! (34) - Kill 6 Shatterbone Marauders and 4 Shatterbone Cremators
  2. After The Heart of the Matter:

Captain Ledisko

  1. Holding the Line (34) - Collect 8 Scrap Wood
  2. Unnatural Enemies (34) - Kill 10 Deathwing Manticores
  3. After The Heart of the Matter:

Blighted Pit

Savin Rurik - locked in a cage in the first cave

King's Breach - Dungeon


Marshal Kain

Sir Martyn Myrsol

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