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    November 11, 2014 (All Access)
    November 25, 2014 (F2P)

[100] A Call for Expertise (Solo)
Category: Tradeskill
To Start: Receive an in-game mail from Trade Liason Wells in Qeynos or Freeport, depending on your alignment.

  • At least 5 7 7 

You'll receive this quest in the mail one hour after finishing Return to Refuge. Note that if you miss this mail or do not take the quest, you can visit Jerol in the Isle of Mara to get a note that allows you to start it. He's to the left of the door to the two story Far Seas Company building.

  1. Meet Trade Liason Wells. In Qeynos, he is on the second floor of the Ironforge Exchange next to the Work Bench. In Freeport, he's on the South side of the Coalition of Tradesfolke next to Juvena.
  2. Find information on the artifacts.
    • Qeynos: Search the Concordium Tower for information on the artifacts. Take the blue portal. There's one set of sparkly books in the shelf above Librarian Dungil.
    • Freeport: Search the books in the Acadamy of Arcane Science library for more information on the artifacts. Find five sets of sparkly books. They aren't all available at once, so keep looking.
  3. Return to Trade Liason Wells

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