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[100] A Missing Crewman (Solo)
Category: Tradeskill
To Start: Crafter's over level 95 will get a mail from Captain Ethan Darani.


Captain Ethan Darani contacts you via mail and asks you to look for his missing crewman, Quartermaster Robbins. Robbins was headed for the Tranquil Sea. To get to the Tranquil Sea, use a world globe and select the location (found between Nektulos and EL on the map). NOTE: You will be unable to fly near the ruined tower, UNLESS you have completed part of the adventure questline near the Tower in Tranquil Sea. (Seemed to work for me, though I'm unsure which of the quests in the adventuring timeline you have to complete to be able to fly over the tower without getting booted out of mid-flight. ~Rahfel)

  1. Search the Isle of Refuge in the Tranquil Sea: Speak to a Far Seas Worker pacing just north of the dock.
  2. Search the ruins of Malvonicus' Tower, north of here. Walk over there for anupdate.
  3. Search the encampment to the West. Go to Sapwill's Rest at 1154, 15, 1300 . There are aggro twisted Far Seas members on the way, so be careful.
  4. Search the D.I,R,T,Y, excavation site. this is The D.I.R.T.Y. Dig at 1075, 7, 1092 .
  5. Find someone to deliver a message to Captain Ethan - this is the Far Seas Worker you spoke to back at the docks ( 934, 6, 1482 ) .

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