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EverQuest II
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    November 11, 2014 (All Access)
    November 25, 2014 (F2P)

[100] Borrowed Knowledge (Solo)
Category: Tradeskill
To Start: Speak to the Duality in his Sanctum

  • At least 5 7 7 

Speak to the Duality in his Sanctum

  1. The Duality will open a portal to Mistmoore's study so you can transcribe his research.
    • The portal stays open when until you complete this step, so you can go back and forth.
  2. You will be in the Research Library of Mayong Mistmoore.
    • There is a patrolling guard who is avoidable if you're careful. He goes from one end of the hall , into the Library, and back. He's a yellow-con, but seemed easy to kill if you're inclined. He also repops.
  3. Gather five Research Notes. They do not seem to all be available at once, so grab one and wait for another to show up.
  4. Use the recipe Transcribe Notes on an Engraved Desk to transcribe the notes. You don't need anything but the notes.
    • There's a desk in Mayong's study, but there also happens to be one in the Duality's chamber.
  5. Return to the Duality.
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