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[100] Shopping List (Solo)
Category: Tradeskill
To start: ( -707, 9, 290 )


Speak to Hyggin at -707, 9, 290 in South Dshinn

  1. Hyggin asked me to point out items I am interested in learning to make. These are in Hyggin's tent, and glow when you mouseover them. There's a table, stool, bucket, the thing hanging from the ceiling, and the woven plate on the table.
  2. Give your list to Hyggen.
  3. Craft the a Deinodon Bone Table, Deinodon Bone Stool, Woven Reed Bowl, Pygmy Charm, and Pygmy Bucket from the recipes Hyggin gave you. There's a Woodworking Table back near the Cook Pot at -609, 6, 257 . You will need:
  4. Speak to Hyggin.

The first combine you make will update the quest, no actual item will drop into inventory. Don't worry, you get to keep the recipes!

Skrit has the next quest back by the Cook Pot.

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