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    November 11, 2014 (All Access)
    November 25, 2014 (F2P)

[100] Unfriendly Forest (Solo)
Category: Tradeskill
To start: ( 1212, 18, 1280 )


Speak to Skrit at 1212, 18, 1280 near Wanderer's Dock in the Phantom Sea.
  1. Speak to a Far Seas mariner at 1234, 19, 1198 .
  2. Find the Blessed Knoll and ask a forest guardian for help. It's marked on your map, the loc is 422, 34, 757 .
    • You can fly, but avoid the towns as you may be cursed and be grounded until the curse wears off, and there is some agro. The path is safe harrowing.
  3. Get three off the blessed plants. They're called "Tunarian Trumpetleaf" and are in the immediate area. You can track them with Track Resources.
  4. Return to the mariner at the dock. NOTE Escape and Evac take you to North Dshinn, not the Wanderer's Dock!

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