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Hi, I'm one of the many admins for the WoW section of this site, overseeing the forums and updating wiki info has well as pictures and bringing Darqflame martinis.

The job description did say ample experience as a pool boy was valued, just doing my part.

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World of Warcraft Career

I started out shortly after the game came out. I rolled an Orc Shaman on Thunderlord and I got to level 60. I raided Molten Core and killed Onyxia when it was still new, I got to rank 9 in the old pvp system and ended up quitting mainly because I had an odd shift at work and couldn't make raid times anymore.

I rerolled on Wildhammer server as a Tauren Warrior. Similar story, got to 60, raided, pvped... couldn't find any raid guild.

Decided to mix it up and go on an West Coast server, figuring the time difference would work in my favor. I made a Dwarf Rogue (wanting to try out Alliance) and got him to level 60. And would you believe it, the only guild recruiting was a guild that was full of east coast server players, so the same issue came about again.

I was pretty depressed about my WoW career, when people on Zam started to talk about making a Zam Guild... I jumped in, took charge, rolled a Mage on Anetheron (calling him Tyrandor. Clever, I know)... and finally got a raid guild I could raid with. Being a GL kicks ass when making raid schedules.

The Fifth Star

The guild was created on May 15th 2006. The Fifth Star (TFS for short) was a modest raiding guild pre-TBC. We killed Ragnaros, killed Onyxia, cleared ZG and AQ20... but never really got much further. At some point I transferred my rogue to Anetheron, and made him my main.

Things really looked up for us during TBC, while the server around us died. Anetheron became one of the less populated servers in the game, however, this meant good tidings for us - People had few guilds to go to, and we could afford to stay casual, yet keep our members. I'm proud to say TFS went from an extremely casual guild to getting to Illidan, before everything got nerfed to hell.

With WotLK, I was kinda bored of my rogue. I rolled a Death Knight (Tyrendor. Cleverer!) and I'm now one of our MTs. Easier pve content means life is good for a bunch of casual scrubs like us :)


During TBC, I fell in love with Arenas.

I managed a score of 1.9k in S1, 2k in S2, 2.1k in S3 and 2.1 in S4, getting full pvp gear every season and being just short of Gladiator on several occasions. I think I was one of the highest ranked Arena players to use the Zam board, take that for what it's worth.

What about S5 and S6? Meh. Maybe I just suck with a Death Knight. Maybe Arena is a joke like everybody says it is. Either way, I'm simply not enjoying Arena this season and I have barely participated.


My RL pretty much sucks and I'd rather not talk about it. :P I'm man enough to admit I play WoW, read comic books and play other pen and paper rpgs because it's a way to escape. Not to sound to emo, but whatever shit that went down in your life, I probably got worse. PM me if you want to compare sob stories.

Here's a link to one of the few good pictures of me I have. I've got plenty of ugly ones. No, you don't get to see them. That was taken at the Brewfest in my hometown a few years back, proof positive that everybody looks better when drunk.

And here's a picture of one of my dog (I have 3), just because he kicks ass.


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