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Armorsmiths craft Chain and Plate armors using metal and leather. Because of this, Mining and Butchering are advisable Gathering professions for Armorsmiths. Armorsmiths also get the Salvage Armor skill, allowing them to break armor down into materials, some of which cannot be obtained any other way and are used to make Enhancements.


NoviceKeyl Istor
King's Retreat, Freemarch

Divine Landing, Silverwood
SkilledZachary Klonda
Granite Falls, Stonefield
Ingrid Orlana
Argent Glade, Silverwood
Expert Gari Birchbark
Three Springs, Moonshade Highlands
MasterVir Trathenson
The Manufactory, Meridian
Arne Broadleaf
Bahralt Street, Sanctum
Armorer Denard
Gloamwood Pines, Gloamwood
Rallok Thickskull
Thedeor's Forge, The Chancel of Labors, Iron Pine Peak
Fortune's Shore, Shimmersand
Grandmaster Telero Karoserio
Tuldio Retreat, Kingdom of Pelladane
Floron Panisto
Tulan, Cape Jule
Dhiren Tavella
Southwall Bunker, Eastern Holdings
Pezon Staloj
The Canals, Tempest Bay
RecipesBurt the Blunt
The Manufactory, Meridian
Bahralt Street, Sanctum
Ceval Tial
Tuldio Retreat, Kingdom of Pelladane
Avino Kavaliro
Tulan, Cape Jule
Sukcena Ridas
The Canals, Tempest Bay




See the recipe database: Armorsmith Recipes

Ally Faction Recipes

The following recipes require a certain zone ally faction to purchase and the required materials will include a Core from the same zone.

RecipeSkill Req'dZoneFactionNotorietyCore
Buckler of the Scholar60FreemarchFreemarch WardensFriendlyEnchanted Core
Overseer's Aegis60SilverwoodQuicksilver ScholarsFriendlyEvergreen Core
Steel Buckler80StonefieldGranite FallsFriendlyStone Core
Steel Buckler80GloamwoodGloamwood WaykeepersFriendlyShadow Core
Stoneshatter Spellshield90StonefieldGranite FallsFriendlyStone Core
Nightfire Spellshield90GloamwoodGloamwood WaykeepersFriendlyShadow Core
Red Scar Boots120Scarwood ReachRed Scar TrackersFriendlyGnarled Core
Iron Claw Boots120Scarwood ReachIron Claw TrappersFriendlyGnarled Core
Tracker's Sabatons140Scarwood ReachRed Scar TrackersFriendlyGnarled Core
Tracker's Sabatons140Scarwood ReachIron Claw TrappersFriendlyGnarled Core
Noble Girdle190Moonshade HighlandsThe RuneguardFriendlyGlowing Core
Worshipper's Chainmail190Moonshade HighlandsThe RuneguardFriendlyGlowing Core
Defender's Helmet300Iron Pine PeakIcewatchHonoredFrozen Core
Soul Warden's Helm300Iron Pine PeakIcewatchHonoredIcebound Tear
Tempered Orichalcum Gauntlets300Ember IsleKelari ExpeditionHonored
Tempered Orichalcum Gauntlets300Ember IsleThe FarclanHonored
Tempered Orichalcum Chain Boots300Ember IsleThe KeepersHonored

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