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Enhancements are consumables made by many crafting Professions. Your first Enhancement recipe should come at skill level 60. Enhancements will not stack with temporary rune effects, such as that from Shrouded Rune, but will stack with permanent Runes.

For those that can make them no crafting station is needed, just the materials. They can be made in the field to meet the needs of your party or raid.

The primary ingredient for most Enhancements are Salvaged materials, so if you don't make them yourself be sure to send all your salvageable items to your favorite crafter! Every refined salvaged material (the combined form from 5 of the material actually salvaged) will eventually be used to make an Enhancement.


TypeMaterial TypeDescriptionExample
Armor PlatingMetalIncreases physical resistance by x for 4 hours.Thin Armor Plating
SpikesMetalIncreases shield bash damage by x for 4 hours.Blunt Spikes
PaddingClothReduces received damage from falling by x for 4 hours.Heavy Padding


TypeMaterial TypeDescriptionExample
ManastonesGemIncreases maximum mana by x for 4 hours.Glowing Manastone
WitchstonesBoneIncreases the damage of spell critical strikes by x for 4 hours.Pulsing Witchstone
SpellstonesGemReduces the effect of Silence spells by x seconds for 4 hours.Sparkling Spellstone


TypeMaterial TypeDescriptionExample
& Cloth
Increases mounted movement speed by x% for 4 hours.Tough Riding Chaps
GripsLeatherreduces the duration of disarm effects by x seconds for 4 hours.Sticky Grips
InsolesLeatherIncreases runspeed by x% for 4 hours.Thin Insoles


TypeMaterial TypeDescriptionExample
CoatingsPlantphysical ranged attacks have a chance to snare your target for x seconds. Lasts for 4 hours.Sticky Coating
WeaponstonesWoodIncreases damage of physical critical hits by x for 4 hours.Heavy Weaponstone
WhetstonesMetalIncreases melee weapon damage by x for 4 hours.Crude Whetstone

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