Morban (Rift Quest Series)  

Quest Series
Starting ZoneMorban
Rec. Levels56 to 59
Previous Seratos
Next Steppes of Infinity
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Rift 2.0: Storm Legion
Nov. 13, 2012

Quest Series
Quest lists direct from our database: All Story, Onslaught, Carnage and Daily quests in this zone increase Notoriety with Necropolis Caretakers.

Story: Arlan MerkurIaza AmereViando KuiriVigla NoktomezoFizio MareleOria PortrariThe OverseerNescio HerediRiali Dimondo

  1. Camp Landfall:
  2. Arlan's Challenge:
  3. Camp Cyclone:
    1. (58) Opportunity Strikes
    2. (58) Shuttering Production
  4. Arlan's Challenge:

Camp Landfall

Forest of Flesh

Den of Lezul

Bone Carved Key

The Northern Ruins

There is a Barrier Relay at this location.

Arlan's Challenge

Yevina Heredi

Viido Stuzzi

Dead Pass

Camp Cyclone


Nescio Heredi

Black Strand

The Northern Ruins

Engraved Dagger

Shattered Statue

Den of Kwell

Caretaker Bodies

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