Seratos (Rift Quest Series)  

Quest Series
Starting ZoneSeratos
Rec. Levels53 to 57
Previous Kingdom of Pelladane
Next Morban
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Rift 2.0: Storm Legion
Nov. 13, 2012

Quest Series
Quest lists direct from our database: All Story, Onslaught, Carnage and Daily quests in this zone increase Notoriety with Necropolis Caretakers.

Story: Sergeant OrabelPrivate TorvalSophia ProcterArlan MerkurPortan AromerXevrol OmGoja PatimaBul RokkadAeranna OkkorgSukra RadorbPurkora IttaQuariaArlan MerkurKulpa

  1. Ruinous Passage:
  2. (53) The Darkrun
  3. (53) A Walk in the Park
  4. (53) Old Friends and New
  5. (53) Careful Measures
  6. The Crawl:
  7. Spinecrest:
  8. (54) Waylaid
  9. The Hollow:
  10. (55) Nutritious, Not Delicious
  11. Fetid Plains:
    1. (55) Not for Nugging
    2. (55) An Ancient Cure
    3. (55) The Blue Stuff
    4. (55) Moon Eye or Die
    5. (55) Marsh marrow
    6. (55) Curing the Nug Bug
  12. Death's Doorstep:
    1. (55) Defending the Necropolis
  13. Mired Convoy (in The Pus Swamp)
    1. (57) Sure, but a Rat?
    2. (57) Purging an Ancient Evil
  14. The Necropolis:
  15. after Brains for the Brain (in Steppes of Infinity)

Ruinous Passage

Euclid Klara

Skeletal Remains

Brevane Power Cell

  • (?) ???

Darkrun Wreckage

Valley of Bones

Milton Gammut

Marissa's Shield

Slain Caretaker

Cydrel's Rest

The Crawl

Stelita Feldol

The Eternal Assault

Caretaker Supplies

Firestorm Communique

Nug Village

Hadri Na Ru
  • (55) An Ancient Cure - Speak to the Old-World Mystic. Get information on the Nug disease. Bring the Imager to Na Ru in Fetid Plains.
  • (55) The Blue Stuff - Look for a means to reach the Primal Solution Tank. Collect Primal Solution. Bring the Primal Solution to Na Ru in Fetid Plains.
  • (55) Moon Eye or Die - Harvest 10 Moon Eyes (one at a time while the Grafted Horror has its back turned or kill it for the full amount). Return to the Nug Village.
  • (55) Marsh Marrow - Convince Vip in Fetid Plains to provide Premium Marrow.
  • (55) Curing the Nug Bug - Get the Cure Dispenser. Use the Cure Dispenser on 12 sick Nug children. Bring the Cure Dispenser to Na Ru in Fetid Plains.
  • (55) Hoard as Hell - Keep up with the Hoarder in Training. Return to Vip in Fetid Plains. Return to Na Ru in Fetid Plains.


Behemoth Graveyard

Penala Dura

Bone Thistle

The Pus Swamp

Euclid Klara


Mired Convoy

Storm Legion Trap Piece

Storm Legion Supplies

The Hollow

Fetid Plains

Camp Talon

Storm Legion Intelligence

Storm Legion Battle Plans


  • There are teleporters on the west side (due west of the Travel Stone) that go to Ground Level, Mid Level, and Top Level.
  • Lower exit is to Camp Talon.
  • Upper exit is to The Stormbreach.
  • There is a Mounts vendor here, selling pets and mounts to those who are Honored or Glorified by the Necropolis Caretakers.

The Thirsty Skull


Home to Lurking Deformer (55 Elite) and many zombies. The Necropolis-side entrance to the tunnel has a glyph-ward that insta-kills any non-player (including your pet) but does not harm you.

The Sub-Chamber

An arena pit deep below the Necropolis, full of Crypt Rats (55 Elite).

Death's Doorstep

The Stormbreach

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