Rift Zone:Caduceus Rise  

Quests that begin here can be found listed in the Ember Isle quest series.

Instance Information
  • Level: 48-50
  • Instance type: Dungeon
  • Number of players: 5
  • Expert: T2 (divided in two)
  • Master: T2+
This is a 5-man Dungeon. The entrance is a cave on the eastern coast of Ember Isle, on the border of Mount Carcera and Toppled Coast. Inside the cave are two entrance portals. Both lead to the same place (Shadow Mist Jungle) except in Expert mode.

Throughout this zone you will encounter a group of renegades, the Wild Thangs. These are the same guys you met in Darkening Deeps (hint: they were in the cage).


The quest to kill all the bosses, whichever difficulty mode you are in, is called Lust of Fire and Gold.

Additional story-driven quests available inside:


Standard mode has four bosses and takes place in the Lower Caduceus Rise portion. Paths to the Upper half are blocked by visible and invisible walls. All trash can drop Isle Defender's gear.


The Expert version of the zone is divided into two halves. The two halves are a single T2 zone but the paths to get from one to the other are blocked by walls of light. Each half has different boss objectives and it's own achievements. Five bosses on one side and six on the other with Caduceus at the end of either side.

Master Mode

Master mode has 11 bosses.

Master Mode Video

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