Ember Isle (Rift Quest Series)  

Ember Isle
Quest Series
Starting ZoneEmber Isle
Rec. Levels50
Previous Iron Pine Peak
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Quest Series
Quest lists direct from our database:

Mobs here are all 52 and hit like trucks. A partner is recommended for simple questing here. Sourcewell defense will work best with a full group. Monsters at Dormant Core are Elite.

To do the story quests, unless you are in full T1 raid gear or better you are at least gonna want a partner to do them with. Small groups of three would probably be best.

In a departure from the way we have done past Quest Series pages, rather than only listing locations if they have quests that start there, we are listing ALL of the Scenes in the zone. The three camps with Porticulums come first, but after that all Scenes are listed in alphabetical order. If we have died in an area and respawned, we will list the location of the graveyard that you go to (it is not always in the same area).

All Daily quests in Ember Isle reward 4950 XP, 31 50 , 1 Ember Isle Reward Bag and +250 with The Keepers.

In this zone you will find attackable mobjects, such as Tangleflower. Some will appear weakened, already hurt, and an easy target. It's a trap! Smacking the mobject will almost instantly produce three level 52 mobs that will devour you!

Every, or nearly every, scene in this zone has a Sourcewell, and whereever you find a Sourcewell you find a Keeper, and that means an Onslaught quest. So if you see a Sourcewell somewhere that we do not list an Onslaught quest for, just assume we have not found it yet.

Also, most scenes will have one to two objects in the area that start a quest, and at least one of the common mobs in the area will drop an item that starts a quest to kill more of the same mob. We may have not yet found them all.

One thing that is new, quest-wise, is Temporary Skills. Some quests will give you a new skill that is just for the duration of the quest. The icon for this skill will appear in the center of your screen, just above your hotbars.


Guards at the doors of Atia and Farhall will attack those of the opposite alignment on sight. Combat with these guards will auto-flag you for PvP.


Each faction has a quest that starts in their home city and leads you to the Travelstones and Ember Isle.

Talos Landing - Defiant

Story: Sylver ValisAnthousa MonaIeros
  1. [50] Welcome to Talos Landing - Approach a Flux Repeater to gain Spirit Dispersion, then Disperse the Hidden Spirits at the docks, and both inside and outside the temple
  2. [50] A Dim Tide - Speak with Roka Niralis in Talos Landing, then use the Pact Orb on an Aimless Spirit
  3. [50] Those We Left Behind - Reactivate 4 Perimeter Sensors, examine the broken equipment, kill 8 Pyrkari Ruiners, and rescue 4 prisoners
  4. [50] Spirited Defense - Connect Power Conduits and activate the Spirit Battery, then defeat 16 Pyrkari Destroyers
  5. [50] The Sourcewells - read a Tarnished Kelari Idol and a Kelari Journal, speak with Keeper Gulrek and find his Aura Scanner, then measure 6 Spirit Shrines
  6. [50] Secrets of the Farclan - Discover what the dwarves are doing at Wellspring Flats
  7. [50] Siren Song - Speak with and release an Enthralled Spirit, destroy the Corrupting Tethers and kill the Terror of the Deep at Tidewell Inlet
  8. [50] Warden of the Wood - Free the Spirit of The Stranglewood
  9. [50] Lineage Aflame - Use the Isothermal Detector to unveil and kill 6 Cloaked Ravagers in Nykantor Ruins
  10. [50] The Pyrkari Menace - Collect 6 Spirit Husks, show them to Orlan the Protector, and disrupt Jace at Abundant Wilds
  11. [50] Bearing the Fallen - Bring Jace's Corpse to Anthousa Mona in Atia
  12. [50] Spiritual Guidance - Activate the Archivist Crystal
  13. [50] A Valuable Offering - Offer yourself at the Shrines of Body, Mind and Spirit
  14. [50] End the Neglect - Gather and make offerings to 3 shrines, then convince 5 Disillusioned Kelari to return to tradition
  15. [50] Returning the Spirit - Retrieve Blessed Water, use it on Jace's corpse, light the incense, and help Anthousa Mona resurrect her son
  16. [50] Research in Ruins - Search the outskirts of Kheramos Village for clues about Jace's master.
  17. [50] Grisly Gathering - Collect bones, hearts and brains from the Pyrkari of Fell Fields
  18. [50] The Perils of Possession - Using the Spiritual Charm, draw spirits into you to learn their secrets in Obsidian Shore.
  19. [50] Soothing the Soul - Find the Spirit Candles and Spirit Bundle in the Storage Chest of the Temple of Marakris, then use them to summon a docile Jace and speak with him.
  20. [50] Mettle Detector - Attune the Potency Sensor in Fractured Plain by visiting the Torn and Tattered Banners, then use the device to find the Ancient Hatchet. Anthousa requested.
  21. [50] Stolen Spirits - Take keys from the Possessed Pirates of Splintered Shallows and retrieve the wine and idols they stole. Also, free the Oarchained Spirits from their prisons.
  22. [50] Scouring the Dirt - Draw spirits from Laethys' armor in Gilded Strand and cleanse yourself with them down by the beacon.
  23. [50] Science Under Pressure - Lead Stavel Rosso to Smoldering Piles and key points in Searing Brink to harvest materials for the Spirit Collider.
  24. [50] Rage Inside the Machine - Use the on Magma Spirits in Searing Brink to enrage them, then kill the Enraged Spirits to draw them into the device.
  25. [50] Unbind Him With Science - Speak with Anthousa Mona in the northern cave at the lowest level of Searing Brink, then use the Spirit Collider on Jace's Spirit Prison.
  26. [50] Protect the People - Use the Wanton Cipher at the highest point in Searing Brink and confront Karris
  27. [50] Restoring Tradition - take Jace Mona around to the Archive Crystal, the Shrines of Body, Mind and Spirit, and return him to the ritual circle in Atia Courtyard.
  28. [50] A Hero's Bounty - Speak with Darius at Ember Watch

Iantha Kharast

Nophon Gorkylas


Sylver Valis

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Fort Zarnost - Guardians

Amani Kolya - at Sanctum of the Vigil in Sanctum

Story: Borrin GammultSolya Karini
  1. [50] Welcome to Fort Zarnost - Approach an Icon of Radiance to gain Vigil's Radiance
  2. [50] The Dwarves of Farclan - Speak with Barnebus Klem in Fort Zarnost
  3. [50] A New Threat - Use the Crest of Bahralt on five dead Corrupted Spirits
  4. [50] Fire Shall Fall - Activate a Farclan Malgam
  5. [50] Source of Power - Kill 10 Wildtusk Boars and Saltwater Gators, and collect mysterious Spirit Stone, in Abundant Wilds
  6. [50] Accursed and Profane - Disturb the Old Spirit Shrine at Nykantor Ruins, then kill Arios and Syranax
  7. [50] Natural Resources - Collect 7 Living Wood in The Stranglewood
  8. [50] Pride of the Farclan - Speak with Hesher Breckenrock in Wellspring Flats
  9. [50] Among the Missing - Find the Missing Scout in Forlorn Fen
  10. [50] An Unexpected Revelation - Defeat 5 Pyrkari Adversaries in Forlorn Fen
  11. [50] Matron of Farhall - Speak to two of Solya's followers, then confront her
  12. [50] Concerning Farclan - Collect a Fire Mushroom and make Mush Milk
  13. [50] The Forge of Creation - Collect 4 Hardy Rocks from Farhall Crushers, 2 Infused Water from Farhall Wavecallers, and 4 Bleached Bones from Farhall Skeletons
  14. [50] Pyrkari At Large - Capture 4 Escaped Pyrkari
  15. [50] Assault on Farhall - Activate your very own Malgem and defend Farhall
  16. [50] Too Great a Cost - Investigate the Farclan remains buried at Fractured Plain
  17. [50] A Treasure Beyond Measure - Explore the sunken pirate ship in Splintered Shallows
  18. [50] Clutched by Greed - Rescue the Farclan crafters from the Golden Maw at Gilded Strand
  19. [50] Ancestors Astray - Investigate the Fell Fields for any sign of the Farclan Ancestor Ghosts
  20. [50] The Past Aflame - Go to Kheramos Village, disguise yourself as a goblin, and learn more of Karris' plan
  21. [50] Shattered On The Shore - Investigate what happened to the Malgems Solya sent to attack Obsidian Shore
  22. [50] The Malgams' Trial - Travel to the Temple of Marakris to fight Karris
  23. [50] In Corruption's Shadow - Seal 5 Volcanic Vents and kill Magma Spouts to reveal and kill the Magma Lord
  24. [50] In Vigil's Sight - Collect 6 Reliquary Fragments from Wanton Priests at the highest level of Searing Brink
  25. [50] The Battle for Ember Isle - Overload Karris's Volcanic Fissure in the cave at the lowest level of Searing Brink
  26. [50] The Wanton Unbound - Use the Wanton Cipher at the highest outcropping in Searing Brink to stop Karris from freeing Maelforge
  27. [50] Our New Guardians - Speak with Solya Karini at Farhall
  28. [50] A Hero's Reward - Speak with Darius at Ember Watch

Henrich Ignard

Olinda Markera


Borrin Gammult

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Ember Watch

Keeper's Creed - a book on the altar next to every Keeper at a Sourcewell on the island.
Patch 1.6.1 has added a few new Daily quests here.
Story: Darius
  1. [50] The Keepers of the Flame - Commune with the five heroes who imprisoned Maelforge during the Blood Storm
  2. [50] Nexus Infusion - Collect Planar Charge and upgrade defenses around Ember Watch
  3. Onward:


Cilius Enagon <Planar Water Specialist>

Rorshana Hereni <Planar Earth Specialist>

Gregor Turmin <Planar Life Specialist>

Jenli Kepora <Planar Fire Specialist>

Kebner Agalan - behind the wall behind Darius

Nelise Heddan

Darius - after To Hold Back the Inferno

Eudona Ghoras - Daily 5-man quests

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Locations for the rest of this guide are listed in alphabetical order.

Abundant Wilds

Zoss Mikhin

Empty Gator Nest

Webbed Supplies

Poison Gland - dropped by a Jungle Crawler

Ashen Fault

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Atia - Defiant

Atia, Holy City of the Kelari
Atia, Holy City of the Kelari
There are Kelari Defenders patrolling the fortress, and Disillusioned Kelari wandering aimlessly. There is a mailbox, but only the following NPCs of any significance:

Travelshards, smaller than the blue crystals at Minor travelstones, are found in Atia and provide rapid movement around the fortress. Each stone has a single destination.

  • Atia Courtyard, to Temple Seat (roof of west tower, home of Ieros, the Spirit of the Temple)
  • stone in second floor of west and north towers, to Temple Seat
  • Temple Seat, to Atia Courtyard


Anthousa Mona

  • [50] Dissection - Use tools from an Equipment Kit to inspect Charred, Petrified and Blackened Pyrkari Corpses around Atia
  • [50] Mindtwister - Use the Spirit Focus to remove Mischievous Spirits from around Atia

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Caduceus Rise

This is an Instanced 5-man dungeon with Standard, Expert and Master modes.

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Dormant Core

All mobs here are 52 Elite.

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Farhall - Guardian

Farhall, Home of the Farclan dwarves
Farhall, Home of the Farclan dwarves
The Farclan Quartermaster is here, purveyor of the much-sought-after Soccer Ball.


Solya Karini

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Fell Fields

Kora Firis

Keeper Grenius

Infernal Altar

Idol of Maelforge

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Forlorn Fen

Andra Sonari


Marsh Grass - at (12782, 2575)

Bloody Sash - dropped by a Meddling Snapper

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Fractured Plain

Niko Popolin

Weapon Rack

Exploded Ritual - at (13225, 3195)

Ochrin Communique - dropped by a Troglodyte Soldier


Militiadea Charus

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Gilded Strand

Gylin Ahoris

Keeper Dorn

Armor Schematic

Keeper Remains - from all Cyclopes anywhere on the island

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Kheramos Village

The entire population of this village has been converted into Pyrkari.

Antern Seamus

Keeper Menra

Fallen Keeper

Old Book

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Mount Carcera

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Nykantor Ruins

  • Graveyard: Fell Fields, Nykantor Ruins
    • PTS NOTE: IF you respawn at Fell Fields you will fall through the world. Join a group, have group take you into a chronicle. Exit and leave the group, now take yourself into Chronicle of Attunement and Respawn. This is just a workaround.

Ulana Yonolus

Temple Torch

Broken Altar

Shadowy Core - from a Manifested Shadow

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Obsidian Shore

Monya Olnik

Snerkle <Friendly Spirit>

Artifact of Flame

Ritual Fire Pit

Fugly Widget - On the rickety platform near Snerkle

  • Click on the Fugly Widget and many pyrkari will appear on the ground below. Target one near the middle and click the Paint Target temporary skill. This changes you into a Keeper Bomb about a mile up in the air (and falling fast). When you land, if you hit one, you explode in a green ball and kill all the pyrkari, knock them down like bowling pins, and change back into yourself. Be sure you are healed up before you do it as they will all get ONE hit on you before you explode.

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Searing Brink

Sylver Valis - northern entrance

Borrin Gammult - southern entrance

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Splintered Shallows

The Possessed Privateers are bombarding the Keepers Outpost on the shore, but their cannons are in poor repair and their ordnance has been on the salt far too long, frequently failing to explode on impact. However, approach an un-exploded ordnance and it is almost guaranteed to surprise you.

Aterina Ramind

Ship Debris

Pile of Kegs

Pirate Plans - from a Possessed Privateer

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The Stranglewood

Dead Spirit

Sviden Jarnor

Entangled Corpse

Shambler Foot - from a Stranglewood Shambler

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Temple of Marakris

Jiran Terus

Flamespawn Nest

Old Kelari Trap

Bloody Claw - from a Stalking Terror

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Tidewell Inlet

Irden Myran

Broken Shrine - at (13222, 2387)

Siltreaver Spine - from a Tideflat Festerclaw

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Toppled Coast

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Wellspring Flats

Keyra Daln

Keeper Lantern

Old Journal

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