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There are over 2000 recipe books and scrolls, found all over Norrath. This guide does not include recipes that are used only for a quest.

NOTE: For older specialty gear recipes, your first stop will probably be Koros Splinterlimb in the Village of Shin. Older expansions' raid-dropped recipes and other books that are hard do get from less-played older content are available from him for faction and Far Seas tolkens.

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Essentials Recipe Books

The Essentials recipe books are all sold by crafting trainers. Start with the trainer that helped you select your tradeskill class. Note that you can only see the Tier you're currently in and lower. For example, level 30 - 39 recipe books won't appear in the merchant window until you are at least tradeskill level 30.

If you guild has obtained the amenity Tradeskill Recipe Salesman for its Guild Hall, you may purchase Essentials books, plus Advanced Artisan (level 1-9) books there.

Essentials books are also sold around Norrath in other places like Kylong Plains, Kingdom of Sky zones, and Maj'Dul.

Advanced Recipe Books

All Advanced Recipe books are available as mob drops. If you're not the adventuring type, check the broker. As of GU57 most advanced books are also available for purchase after completing crafting quests or achieving faction levels.

NEW As of March 10, 2014, there are also Advanced Provisioner volumes. in addition to some Master volumes with special Provisioner recipes. Buy them from the usual merchants.

On Test and Test-Copy only, a bookworm in the Tower of the Moon in Maj'dul sells all Advanced recipe books from level 10 through 69. He also sells dropped tinkering blueprints, Advanced Adorning books, and Deathfist armor recipes.

Tier 1 (level 1-9)

  • As soon as you are an Artisan the Tier 1 Advanced recipe books appear for sale at the Crafting Trainers (you may have to close and reopen the merchant window for them to appear). To become an Artisan, speak to a Crafting Trainer in any tradeskill area in your city or start If I Had A Hammer.

Tier 2 (level 10-19)

Tier 3 (level 20-29)

Tier 4 (level 30-39)

Tier 5 (level 40-49)

  • Completing your class' Advanced Service quest will give you one free Advanced Tier 5 recipe book. Provisioners receive Provisioner Mastery volume 3.
  • A 40-49 tradeskill series was added in April 2022 with GU 118. 'Inheriting Family' timeline begins with Jadrek Woolfe in Everfrost. Completing the timeline will reward a Visions of Vetrovia tradeskill familiar, and the quest giver will then sell the level 40-49 advanced tradeskill books.

Tier 6 (level 50-59)

  • Advanced Tier 6 books are available from the Maj'Dul Courts with Court faction.
  • Ancient Teachings are special spell recipes that drop in Desert of Flames. The are also from the Maj'Dul Courts with Court faction.
  • 'Water in the Desert' is a level 50-59 tradeskill quest series added in April 2022 with GU 118. Completing the quest series will reward a recipe book with house item recipes, and the quest giver will sell level 50-59 advanced tradeskill books.

Tier 7 (level 60-69)

  • Completing Senior Crafter Service will reward you with one free Tier 7 Advanced book.
  • "Tenebrous Doors" is a level 60-69 tradeskill quest series given by Dora Wicket in The Barren Sky. Completion of the quest series will result in the quest giver selling level 60-69 advanced tradeskill books.

Tier 8 (level 70-79)

  • Completing the Artisan's Journey series will let you buy Advanced books as well as faction recipes:
    • Advanced books levels 70-75 for all classes (except Provisioner) are sold by Klok Zlazx and Tac Ci'Toruen in Fens of Nathsar. You will need to have at least amiable faction with Riliss for the vendor to sell these books.
    • Advanced books levels 76-79 for all classes (except Provisioner) are sold by Eviss Ryiss in Jarsath Wastes.

Tier 9 (level 80-89)

Completing the Sentinel's Fate Tradeskill Quests series in Sentinel's Fate will allow you to purchase Advanced Tier 9 books.

Tier 10 (level 90-95)

With Tears of Veeshan there is now a level 90 book to fill a gap. Scholar classes will also find their existing level 90 recipes have been moved from their level 89 book to the level 90 book. All classes should also get at least one new recipe at level 90.Level 90 essentials books will be available from the usual merchants.

Tier 10 (Level 95-100)

    • Tradeskill Essentials Volumes are obtained from the usual tradeskill merchants.
  • Advanced Volumes are obtained from creature drops.
  • A Rallic Pack recipe is available from Grim Running

Tinkering Books

Adorning Books

ToV Adorning Recipes are available from Sllithzes at Falinpol in Vesspyr Isles. They're sold for coin plus Draconic Etyma, which is the crafting quest reward currency. These require a 475 skill in Adorning.

Tradeskill Apprentice Recipes

Level 90 crafters can hire a Traceskill Apprentice at their local crafting society to learn high-quality recipes.

Crafting Society Recipes

Tradeskill Epic Recipes

All the Tradeskill Epic recipes are rewarded to their appropriate classes when they are going through the Tradeskill Epic Quest Series.

Estate of Unrest Recipes

These recipes and their ingredients are acquired while adventuring in The Estate of Unrest.

Tears of Veeshan Recipes

Sllithes the tradeskill reward merchant is in the lower level of Falinpol around 150, 187, -129 .

Isle of Mara Recipes

Kingdom of Sky Recipes

Rise of Kunark Faction Recipes

TSO Faction Recipes

Far Seas Strategic Pricing

These have recipes for Ry'Gorr Velium Shard (level 90 DoV) armor, and are and are dropped in Group Crafting Missions:

These have recipes for Mark of Manaar (level 85/90 SF armor) armor, and are solf on the Far Seas faction merchant in Mara:

These have recipes for Void Shard (level 80 TSO) armor, and are sold by Koros Splinterlimb in The Village of Shin for 10 Far Seas Trading Company Tokens and 19 44 . They no longer drop in crafting instances.

Drunder Velium Shard Recipes

These recipes are available after you complete the Drunder Crafting Quests. See Brontis in the Fortress of Drunder.

Ry'Gorr Velium Shard Recipes

These are dropped in Group Crafting Missions:

Forgemasters (Velious) Studies

These are available in Thurgadin from Donall Ironarm, the Forgemasters of Thurgadin vendor, with 40k faction and 26g, 16s . This is also where you get Introduction to Coldain Gem Refining.

Void Shard Recipes

The Far Seas Strategic Pricing Manuals are sold by Koros Splinterlimb in The Village of Shin for 10 Far Seas Trading Company Tokens and 19 44 .

Sentinel's Fate Recipes

Completing the Sentinel's Fate Tradeskill Quests quest series will unlock special recipes for each archetype:

Mark of Manar Recipes

The Far Seas Strategic Pricing (2nd Edition), Volumes I and II are sold by Koros Splinterlimb in The Village of Shin.

Battleground Gear Recipes

See Also: Battleground Gear

Holiday Crafting Books

Many Live Event Holidays feature craftables. See the individual Live Event Guides for more information.

Miscellaneous Recipe Books

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