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Flying a Hippogryph
In many villages and all cities, there is a Flight Point with a Flightmaster who will, for a small fee, allow you to fly to any other Flight Point you have been to before. Most flight points are also restricted by your alignment/faction, but there are some neutral points. Flight points only connect to select other flight points. If you wish to fly to a more distant location, the game will find the shortest connecting route and fly each leg back-to-back. If you wish to curtail a flight, kill (End Task in Windows Task Manager) World of Warcraft and log back on - you will be in-flight (where wow.exe died) and you will stop at your next flight point. Or you can press the ESC key and log completely out of the game.

Horde Flight Points have bats or wyverns, while the Alliance uses gryphons or hippogryphs. Neutral points may fly any or all of the mount types, and your mount may be assigned based on the alignment of your destination.

Upon arriving in each race's second zone, there is a quest to introduce players to the flight masters by sending them back to their capital. Like graveyards, flight points were originally very limited in distribution, but gradually more have been added based on frustrations over travel time. Flights (and flying mounts) travel at +280% of normal run speed. Combined with being a safe mode of travel and taking straight-line paths over mountains a player on foot could not cross, using a flight master should get you to your destination in under a quarter of the time it would take to travel there, and much more safely.

Eastern Kingdoms Flight Networks

Eastern Kingdoms: Alliance

The Alliance are more heavily-centered around the eastern continent. Their primary city, Ironforge, lies in the center of the map. The flight map is focused around the two major hubs of Ironforge and Stormwind. Routes to or from that city are blue, while all secondary routes are red. Secondary flight points are heaviest within the kingdoms of Azeroth and Khaz Modan, however most of the continent is rather replete with flight points, except for the Forsaken-controlled zones in Lordaeron.

Legend (north to south):

Additionally, a more up-to-date map would also include the Rebel Camp in Stranglethorn Vale, Hatchet Hills in the Ghostlands and Sun's Reach Harbor on the Isle of Quel'danas.

The only zones with no Alliance flight points are the Undead-controlled areas of Tirisfal Glades and Silverpine Forest, the bandit-ridden Alterac Mountains, and the tiny chasm of Deadwind Pass.

Eastern Kingdoms: Horde

The Horde has considerably fewer affairs in the Eastern Kingdom than the Alliance. Although the Undead and Blood Elves have presence in the north end of the land, there are only a select few places where the Horde has any presence. Most of this is limited to old Blackrock outposts from the first war and neutral allies. Legend (north to south):

This map is also missing the flight points in Quel'danas of Silvermoon City, Tranquilien, and Hatchet Hills. The flight point at Silvermoon City to Quel'danas is just outside entrance to Silvermoon City.

Zones with no flight points include Western Plaguelands, Alterac Mountains, Wetlands, Loch Modan, Dun Morogh, Elwynn Forest, Redridge Mountains, Westfall, Duskwood, and Deadwind Pass.

Kalimdor Flight Networks

Kalimdor: Alliance

Although the Alliance have a stronger presence in Kalimdor than the Horde do in the Eastern Kingdoms, it is a smattering of extremely distant outposts and small towns, along with goblin cities. Blue paths are out of the major hubs of Auberdine and Theramore, with red paths connecting strictly secondary locations. The green path from Moonglade to Rut'theran Village is strictly for druids, and only flies one way. Legend (generally north to south):

Flight points in need of updating on this map include Forest Song (Ashenvale), Emerald Sanctuary (Felwood), and Mudsprocket (Dustwallow Marsh). Additionally, the Draenei locations do not connect to the mainland flight points, but The Exodar has a flight route to Blood Watch on Bloodmyst Isle.

The only zones Alliance have no flight points in are Horde-controlled Durotar and Mulgore, and arguably Thousand Needles.

Kalimdor: Horde

Kalimdor is the continent where most of the Horde races originally took root. Between the relocation of the Orcs, and their support of the Trolls and Tauren, east-central Kalimdor is clearly Horde territory. Blue flight points connect to and from Thunder Bluff and Orgrimmar. The green path is a one-way path for druids from Moonglade to Thunder Bluff. Legend (north to south)

Missing from this map are Emerald Sanctuary (Felwood) and Mudsprocket (Dustwallow Marsh).

The Horde is only missing flight points in Alliance-controlled areas Darnassus and Darkshore, (and Azuremyst and Bloodmyst Isles.)

Outland Flight Networks

Outland: Alliance

The Alliance outposts are a mixture of established Human and Draenei allies and very new outposts from various races. Players will only have one of the two green flight paths. Legend (counterclockwise from northeast):

Outland: Horde

Since the Orcs are originally from Draenor, the Horde is already reasonably well-established in Outland. Many of the flight points are repeats of the Alliance map.

Legend (counterclockwise from northeast):


Northrend is the newest continent in WoW. It is split pretty evenly between both factions, with several flight path being neutral and useable by both parties.

partial List of Northrend Flight Points:

Dalaran/Argent Tournament Grounds/Argent Vanguard (Icecrown), K3 (Stormpeaks), River's Heart(Sholazor),Bor'Gorok Outpost/Amber Ledge/Warsong Hold/Unu'pe/Taunka'le Village (Borean Tundra), Agmars Hammer/Wyrmrest Temple/Venomspite/ Kor'Kron Vanguard (Dragonblight), Conquest Hold (Grizzly Hills), Camp Winterhoof/Vengence Landing/New Agamand (Howling Fjord)

World of Warcraft

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