Character creation (GW2)  

Character creation is the process in which a player makes choices such as the race, profession and personal storyline of a new character. After creation, those choices cannot be changed.

Creating a character consists of the following steps:

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Choose a race

Choose a sex

  • Female
  • Male

Choose a profession

Choose a physical appearance

Interviews have stated that features such as height, body type, and advanced customization of facial features (such as beards) will be included.[1]

It is currently unknown whether the customization system will be similar to the original Guild Wars system, in which players can simply select from a number of preset options for several categories like hairstyle and skin tone, or whether players will have access to sliders for fine-tuning the appearance of their characters.

Choose a personal storyline

Although the personal storyline is shaped by players when playing the game, the foundations of their characters' biography and personality are chosen during character creation.


The biography section of character creation is a series of five multiple choice questions or so regarding a character's personality, history, and background. This is meant to better place the character in the game world and serve as a foundation for the personal storyline seen in the game. Which questions and answers are available for a given character depend on the chosen race, profession, gender and heritage.

Known questions detail how the character is perceived by others (such as being intimidating, unfriendly, charming, or kind), the character's social standing (an asura character may belong to one of the three colleges, and a human character may choose one of the three social statuses).

A 'random selection' option will be available to players who would rather skip this step of character creation.

Choose a name

For the English language version, a character's name must be 3 to 19 characters long and contain only english letters.[2] The requirements are currently unknown for other languages.


  • It has been revealed that norn characters may align themselves with one of the four norn totems and that sylvari characters may be linked to one of the four seasons. It's still unknown if such traits are part of a character's biography.


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