Darklight Wood (EQ2 Quest Series)  

Darklight Wood
Quest Series
Starting ZoneDarklight Wood
Rec. Levels1 to 20
Next Butcherblock Mountains
Nektulos Forest
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EverQuest II
Quest Series

In the shadows of Darklight Wood, you pledge your allegiance to Neriak. Your duty is to fulfill your fledgling alliance duties. Perform well and you will earn a great amount of reputation. [1]

Darklight Wood is the starting zone for all new characters choosing Neriak, City of Hate as their starting location.


These achievements are exclusive to Darklight Wood.

Hate's Envy

As a new recruit of Neriak you find yourself immediately being called upon to help defend Hate's Envy from an army of invading Sableflame elementals. Seek out Dread Guard member Verex N'Za at once!

The stockaded village of Hate's Envy can be found east of Neriak, City of Hate at -435,-64,254 . It features quests to take players from levels 1 through 5. All new characters who chose Neriak, City of Hate as their starting city begin here.

Verex N'Za

Udiyitas X'Kilrae

Pellandra D'Xatyl

  1. Sealing the Rift (2)
  2. Searching for Sigils (3)
  3. Reclaiming the Sablevein Tear (4)
  4. An Authority on Hate (4) - sends you to Jhana Do'Zyth

Danya Halfmoon

The Wellspring of Nightmares
The Wellspring of Nightmares
Jhana Do'Zyth
  1. Prowler Annoyance (4) - unlocks Sselnyl's quests
  2. A Ferocious Inconvenience (5)

Sselnyl Do'Zyth
Sselnyl begins to offer quests after you have completed Prowler Annoyance from Jhana

  1. No Undead Goes Unturned (5)
  2. Thexian Taint (5) - sends you to Ginwyss D'Arkenett at T'Vatar Post

Trainer Zaktar D'Zhe'Virae

Dalvos D'Nar

  • If I Had a Hammer - must complete Trainer Zaktar's harvesting tutorial before Dalvos will offer this

T'Vatar Post

You have fishing business on the bridge with Dirizdia T'Zaurvirr, and Ginwyss D'Arkenett in the T'Vatar Post could also use your help.

This outpost is a collection of tents just south of the bridge to Neriak, City of Hate at -379,-50,42 . Its quests are for levels 6 through 12. To reach the outpost, take the path from the front gate of Hate's Envy. It curves to the left and you will eventually see the tents of T'Vatar Post ahead of you.

Ginwyss D'Arkenett

  1. Rotting Scum (6)
  2. Picking Up Slack (7)
  3. A Guard Insignia? (9) - Examine an item to begin this quest. Leads into Ginwyss' final quest.
  4. The Missing Recruit (9)

Ilmtar D'Viervs

  1. What's in Demand? (6) - after completing this quest Aunthrae's quest will open up
  2. One Man's Waste... (7)
  3. Useful Materials (8)
  4. Sorcerous Necessities (9)
  5. Tipping the Scales of Power (10)
  6. A Snake Made Serum (11)
  7. The Mother Lode (12)


  1. Hopeful Net Returns (7) - leads into Dirzdia T'Zaurvirr's series of quests at The Searing Tendril

Laexyra Y'Barriath

  1. Purposeful Trinkets (7)
  2. Public Service (8)
  3. A Friendly Reminder (9)
  4. Reaping (10)
  5. Condemned (11)
  6. Laexyra's two final quests may be collected all together and done all or in part without penalty:

Calnozz J'Melvirr

  1. To Draw Upon Wellsprings (7)
  2. Stunning Revelation (9)
  3. Infantile Ingredients (10)
  4. Dust to Dust (11)

The Searing Tendril

The Searing Tendril is a river that flows through Darklight Wood. Only one quest giver is present here and can be found fishing on a bridge over the Lower Tendril River at -162, -56, 123 .

Dirzdia T'Zauvirr

  1. Smoking the Competition (7)
  2. Reaping the Benefits of a Monopoly (9)
  3. So Hot You Catch Them Cooked (10)
  4. The Big One (11)
  5. Rich Fish Flesh (11) - examine the Rich Flesh that dropped in the prior quest

Wanderlust Fair

Mysterious cults, vampires and more are a plague upon the lands surrounding Wanderlust Fair. Contact Vicaonar K'Xaar and assist him on his mission to be rid of them.

Wanderlust Fair is the beacon of activity in Darklight. It can be found atop Nightshadow Rise, west along the road from T'Vatar Post at 244,-20,13 . The level range for this camp is 10-25.

Geldax Xalylharil

  1. The Warpfont Spire (10)
  2. Comparisons to the Harrowglade (11)
  3. Other Materials? (12)
  4. Resonance Capture (13)


  1. Revenge! (13)
  2. Reagents (14)
  3. More Reagents (15)

House items & mount added in GU57
House items & mount added in GU57
Torbus Filnow
  1. Flightless Birds of a Feather (12)
  2. Featherless Fliers (13)

Gaussnitra V'Kilana
You must complete the quest Continuing Assistance before Gaussnitra will offer her quests.

  1. Potential Threats (11)
  2. Digging Deeper (12) - opens up Belarshalee Do'Torlyl's quests
  3. Stop the Problem at the Source (13)
  4. Another Problem (15) - leads into Vicaonar K'Xaar's series

Vornlin B'Vytyl
You must complete the quest Continuing Assistance before Vornlin will offer his quests.

  1. Alakzaer the Missing (14)
  2. Wings of Fury (15)
  3. Alakzaer's Task (15)
  4. A Shroomling Sample (15)
  5. A More Aggressive Method (15)
  6. Brainstorming (17)
  7. Finally! (18)

Belarshalee Do'Torlyl
You must be working on the quest Digging Deeper before Belarshalee will offer her first quest.

  1. Preparing a Ritual (12)
  2. The Summoning Catalyst (13)
  3. The Summoning (14)

Vicaonar K'Xaar
Vicaonar is down the path to the east of Wanderlust Fair, at the fork in the road. ( 78,-50,-76 ) You must complete all of Gaussnitra V'Kilana's quests before he will offer you his series.

  1. Make 'em Pay (13)
  2. Missing Nerians (14)
  3. Feral Citizenry (14) - completing this unlocks Larxena D'Ziett's series
  4. Thinning Their Ranks (14)

Larxena D'Ziett
Larxena is found next to Vicaonar, east of Wanderlust Fair, at 80,-50,-73 . You can begin getting her quests after completing Feral Citizenry.

  1. Vampirical Evidence (15)
  2. Breaking a Blood Bond (15) sends you to Malyl N'Vazin back at Wanderlust Fair

Malyl N'Vazin

  1. Hatching a Plan (18) - takes you to Shadow Oak to see Atalika

Milton Flunknuttle
You must be level 20 or higher to receive these quests

  1. Finding Millie (25) - takes you to Nektulos Forest for the next 2 steps
  2. Retrieving Owlbear Eggs (25)
  3. Milton's Stock (25) - takes you back to Darklight Wood

Shadow Oak

The Thexians are a thorn in everyone's side. They refuse to swear allegiance to the new queen, so those who don't go with the flow must be eliminated. Atalika in Shadow Oak will see to that.

The outpost of Shadow Oak can be found in the north end of a small valley west-northwest of Wanderlust Fair at 469,-32,-267 . The level range for this camp is 15-19.


  1. The Concoction (18)
  2. Another's Help (19)
  3. Collecting the Spirits (18)
  4. The Final Ingredient (18)
  5. Execution (19)
  6. This series continues with Malyl N'Vazin at Wanderlust Fair
    1. Reports from Miriam (19)
    2. If You Want a Job Done Right... (19)
    3. The Prince and I (19)
    4. They Won't Be Coming Back (19)


  1. A Strange Occurrence (15)
  2. Tipping the Scales (15)

Ghaunatar Trearn

  1. Natural Duty (16)
  2. Progressive Growth (17)
  3. Funnelweb Study (18)
  4. Zerilia (19)

Tower of Bone

Thadus Flintwrit is a dwarf out of place. He is investigating a mass murder committed many years ago. The mysterious events were said to have been involving the building of the Tower of Bone.

Thadus can be found down the to the west of Wanderlust Fair at 419,-35,5 . You must be level 15 or higher to receive his quests.

Thadus Flintwrit

  1. Stones of our Fathers (18)
  2. Tools of the Trade (18)
  3. Ghosts of Times Past (18)
  4. Piecing Together the Clues (19)
  5. Pass On the Satchel (20) - leads you to the Butcherblock Mountains Quest Series

Unlara can be found at the Wanderlust Fair at 247,-19,-14 . You must be level 15 or higher to receive his quests.

Unlara Valarin

  1. Studying the Old (19)
  2. Studying the Ancient (20)
  3. A Spirit Key (21)

Obtaining the Mount

A brief walkthrough of how to get the GU57 Neriak Destrier whistle. All of the following must be done in the order below to obtain the mount.

  1. T'Vatar Post: Do all of Laexyra's quests (excluding the one that sends you into Neriak)
  2. Wanderlust Fair: Do all of Gaussnitra's quests
  3. Wanderlust Fair (outside camp): Do all of Vicaonar's quests
  4. Wanderlust Fair (outside camp): Do all of Larxena's quests
  5. Wanderlust Fair: Do Malyl's quest
  6. Shadow Oak: Do all of Atalika's quests. Partway through you must also speak with Madam Victra. After you complete Madam Victra's tasks, you are sent back to Atalika and will be rewarded the mount.


  1. ^ In-game text from the storylines window.

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