Phantom Sea (EQ2 Quest Series)  

Phantom Sea
Quest Series
Starting ZonePhantom Sea
Rec. Levels97-100
Previous Tranquil Sea
Next Rum Cellar
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EverQuest II
Quest Series

Launch Dates
    November 11, 2014 (All Access)
    November 25, 2014 (F2P)

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To get to the Phantom Sea, start in the Tranquil Sea and fly north until you zone (from South Dshinn it will be around -1072, 160, 1395 ). Artisans over level 20 can purchase a Return to Highhold Bauble from the Far Seas merchant in Sapswill's Rest.

NOTE: Escape and Evac take you to North Dshinn, not the Wanderer's Dock!

Signature Series

Guide Quests

Altar of Malice - The Nebulous Newsies

North Dshinn

The signature quest series must send you to Phantom Sea before you can begin quests here.

Guld at -1181, 27, 1436

Corrith Midner at -1306, 136, 1042

  1. Field Bandage
    • Corrith moves to -1409, 9, 924 at Hidden Beach at the end of this quest.
  2. Crew Cuts and Bruises (reward: leg armor)
  3. To Cast a Trap
  4. Allu'thoa Abduction
  5. Ceremonial Vestments and Condiments

Lurgz at -1120, 101, 942

  1. In Remembrance of Grugz (reward: ranged weapon)
    • Lurgz moves to -1402, 9, 920 at Hidden Beach at the end of this quest.
  2. Procuring Armor Plates

Zaveta Stickyfingers at -1195, 123, 905

  1. Zaveta's Blade Runner (reward: adornment)
    • Zaveta moves to -1408, 9, 931 at Hidden Beach at the end of this quest.
  2. Caustic Collection (reward: house item)
  3. Redoubt About It
  4. Zaveta's Treasure Hunt

Kithicor Forest

  1. Coggin Body Shots - received as a step of the Signature Quest
  2. Gangrenous Treatment - from Heathryn Icepike (reward:Foot slot item)
  3. Plagued with Questions - from Waulon Highpebble (reward: House item}
  4. Down to the Bone - from Destora J'Narus. You must wear the Ghorkaal Teir'Dal illusion to get this quest. (reward:Wrist item}
  5. Body of Work
  6. Touch of the Undead (good) or Malicious Obsession (evil)

Joreye Ketters at 1342, 24, 1199

  1. Food for Thought
  2. A Path Less Traveled
  3. Wards of Magic (reward: Class-appropriate weapon)
  4. Fighting Wards
  5. Walking the Cursed Path (reward: waist item)

Eleden Calmseas (good characters) unlocked after completing Body of Work, and Joreye's questline

  1. Putting Down the Walking Dead
  2. Momentary Peace for Bloody Kithicor

Destora J'Narus (evil characters) unlocked after completing Body of Work, and Joreye's questline

  1. Malicious Obsession
  2. Sustaining Souls of Bloody Kithicor

Castle Highhold

Keep Master Yonette Ironboar at 682, 351, 79

  1. Bone Removal (reward: off hand item)
  2. Battlefield Relief
  3. Over the Walls of Highhold (reward: waist item)

Waulon Highpebble at 702, 351, 39

  1. Clerical Error
  2. Minds Behind the Barrage (rewards: head item)

Mibton Biddleleaf at 711, 53, -10

  1. Floral Entanglement
  2. Flora Versus Undead Fauna

Grim Shales

Captain Greymast at -157, 7, -910 '

  1. Diving for Defenses
  2. Arming Greymast
  3. Deep in the Lost Shadows

Researcher Aillena Belzia at -156, 7, -904 '

  1. From the Ruins
  2. Grim Reaping

Kassir Vhizzath at -157, 6, -898

  1. Dead Iksar Tell Tales
  2. Grim Iksar Investigation

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Overland Missions

These are all object triggered, and have timers:

  • Tasty Greens - examine a coaxplant under a palm tree at -1114,124,1044
  • Highpass Holdup - examine a traveler’s pack at 605,200,455 on the path leading to Highhold Castle
  • Stegodon Savior - examine a sick stegodon at -1351,32,1409
  • Hidden Cache - examine a small chest at 1150,11,-1186
  • The Shadow Lurkers - examine a dead Akheva at -1051,95,-710

Instanced Missions

The following NPC's at Wanderer's Dock offer missions:


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