Sanctum (Rift Quest Series)  

Quest Series
Starting ZoneSanctum
Rec. Levels15 to 50
Previous Silverwood
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Quest Series
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Sanctum Bridge

Rhamm Dragonbane

Soul Quests

Throughout Sanctum you will find citizens that are practitioner's of a particular Soul's disciplines. Once you are level 13 you can get quests from the members of your class to add those Souls to your own. See the bottom of your Calling's wiki page for a list of these Souls, NPCs and quests. Each quest is the same... Close a rift, use the item, defeat the shade and return to the NPC. When you have all eight of the souls for your class (excepting the PvP soul) you will earn the achievement, Soulful.

Tavril Plaza

Lila Medows


Bahralt Street

Eldain Diomid Eldain is the Workorder NPC. He will give you all of your professions Workorder quests, which are repeatable daily. To find a list of the Workorders you can receive, see the Quests section of your Profession's wiki page.

Cardinal Gladewillow Cardinal Gladewillow gives out the Weekly Harvesting Guild Quests.

Thedeor's Circle

Marshal Keme

  1. First time:
  2. Imprison the End of All Things (15) - Black Garden: Win 5 matches in Black Garden

Warlord Albrect

Marshal Onsorg

Marshal Willa

Marshal Weston

The Order of the Eye PvP Dailies
Greg "Dirk" SkartRaesa Fentross
See PvP Dailies for The Order of the Eye

Mariel-taun's Village

Poor Tom

The Lodge of the Planes

Tam Daggerborne

Sanctum of the Vigil

Cabalist Elsu

Shyla Starhearth

Fayne Doran

Borrin Gammult

Shyla Starhearth

Amani Kolya

Cyril Kalmar


Abbess Katia

see also: Expert Rifts and Raid Rifts

Group (5):

Raid (20):

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