Bounty Bay Expansion Goes Live Today

As we have previously reported, Bounty Bay gets a whole lot bigger starting today. Guilds are now going to get the ability to set up their own colonies that the natives will simply destroy. Obviously I am joking, but we hope they keep it in mind for their next expansion. With any guilds' progress, the colony progresses as well, by changing in-look and in-feel. The commerce will change based upon the guilds' progress, and when a pirate is in need of a little tail-tucking, they can just run back to their home colony! The addon will be 500 megabytes, and will be available as soon as one logs on today.

“The add-on is basically interesting for casual gamers as well as for hard core gamers with guilds, cause there will be a lot of new content added. Small guilds, which had disadvantages in city sieges will get a possibility to create new markets, because there will be a lot more colonies to populate than there were cities to conquer.”

Those of you interested should check out the trailer located here. Sounds like it is an exciting time to be a pirate!

Source: Bounty Bay Online Forums


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