Bounty Bay Online launches its fourth expansion

Dubbed "Atlantis," this new expansion adds two new regions for high level players, an increased level cap and, of course, more loot to be found.

Bounty Bay Online seems to be going strong, as they have just released their fourth major expansion, Atlantis! Included in this hefty expansion comes a profession level cap raise from 120 to 150, in addition to two new regions, Bimimi and the Northern Islands, intended for players to make their way to this new level cap. As well, this new expansion will be introducing a brand spanking new achievement system, which grant 'exploration points' for players to trade in for valuable in-game items.

In celebration of their newest expansion launch, the Bounty Bay Online team will also be rewarding double experience points to all of their players, as well as running daily in-game events from now until next Wednesday. It seems like now would be a great time to check out this seafaring MMORPG.


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