Bounty Bay Online Introduces Camouflage Uniforms

As players are making their way through Bounty Bay Online's newest expansion, Beyond the Horizon, they will eventually come upon the massive continent of South America. With this new continent also comes 37 new decorative (and useful!) clothing for players to wear for combat. In particular, the Bounty Bay Online team has focused much of their attention on Camouflage Uniforms - clothing designed to disguise the equipment a character is actually carrying, so that it becomes much more difficult for their enemies to judge their strength. This is particularly powerful in PvP, as not only do these new uniforms hide equipment, but they also increase important PvP attributes, like run speed.

Female characters get 21 new outfits to choose from, like the Greek camo dress, or a camo suit that makes them look like the Grim Reaper. Male characters get 16 new camouflage outfits, including the battledress or an Asiatic-style outfit.


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