Beyond The Horizon Launches For Bounty Bay Online

Bounty Bay fans rejoice! Frogster has finally completed the launch of their biggest ever expansion for their seafaring MMO Bounty Bay Online. The new expansion, called "Beyond the Horizon," now allows players to sail around Cape Horn and circumnavigate the whole of the historical seafarer world for the first time. With this expansion comes the new continent of South America, where the legendary Maya civilisation awaits discovery.

With this new expansion also comes five unique character classes: the Treasure Hunter, the Armed Businessman, the Imperial Guardian, the Military Officer or a Caribbean Pirate. Each of these classes will have access to a comprehensive skill tree, and they can also snag equipment sets from winning in PvP or smashing through high level instances. There will also be the addition of more pets, like the Hell Wolf, Ice Fairy, Shadow Reaper and Wild Bull. These pets come with special additional attributes, can equip special equipment and exclusive skills, and offer additional storage space for their masters.

Remember, this expansion is entirely free! You can go to to check out the game, or you can learn more about the expansion at the micro-site they've set up to give information.


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