Bounty Bay Introduces Fleets In Next Expansion

There's more information coming from the developers of Bounty Bay Online about their latest expansion, "Beyond the Horizon." This time they're focusing on the new fleet and merchant alliances, in addition to guilds. Since everyone knows that grouping up is far safer than braving the seas alone, the team is allowing players to join a "fleet," which is, in turn, linked to a guild of their choice. Guilds (and, by extension, fleets) are also part of larger merchant alliances: The Islamic, The Western Mediterranean, The Iberian, The English Channel, or the Netherlands Merchant Trading Alliance.

Players can either join one of these merchant alliances directly, or they can become a member of these alliances by joining a fleet or a guild that is part of a specific merchant alliance. All five of these alliances have their own home city and are supported by the neighbouring harbour towns; this, in turn, gives access to a great number of daily quests and special rewards.

All of these additions come with a large number of others, including six new cities, a new continent and five new character classes. You can also keep track of the Beyond the Horizon expansion on their online page.


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