Bounty Bay Online launches its fourth expansion

Bounty Bay Online seems to be going strong, as they have just released their fourth major expansion, Atlantis! Included in this hefty expansion comes a profession level cap raise from 120 to 150, in addition to two new regions, Bimimi and the Northern Islands, intended for players to make their way to this new level cap. As well, this new expansion will be introducing a brand spanking new achievement system, which grant 'exploration points' for players to trade in for valuable in-game items.

In celebration of their newest expansion launch, the Bounty Bay Online team will also be rewarding double experience points to all of their players, as well as running daily in-game events from now until next Wednesday. It seems like now would be a great time to check out this seafaring MMORPG.

Bounty Bay Online Celebrates Third Anniversary

Today marks the third anniversary of Bounty Bay Online, and Frogster is celebrating by giving all players double experience until maintenance begins on Feb. 24. If you're a fan of this free-to-play pirate game, be sure to log in and take advantage of this gift.

In addition to the double exp, Frogster plans to host numerous events and offers through March 31. For example, a seven-day in-game regatta is planned to end the anniversary festivities with a bang. Keep checking the birthday mini-site for more details.

Bounty Bay Online Introduces Camouflage Uniforms

As players are making their way through Bounty Bay Online's newest expansion, Beyond the Horizon, they will eventually come upon the massive continent of South America. With this new continent also comes 37 new decorative (and useful!) clothing for players to wear for combat. In particular, the Bounty Bay Online team has focused much of their attention on Camouflage Uniforms - clothing designed to disguise the equipment a character is actually carrying, so that it becomes much more difficult for their enemies to judge their strength. This is particularly powerful in PvP, as not only do these new uniforms hide equipment, but they also increase important PvP attributes, like run speed.

Female characters get 21 new outfits to choose from, like the Greek camo dress, or a camo suit that makes them look like the Grim Reaper. Male characters get 16 new camouflage outfits, including the battledress or an Asiatic-style outfit.

Beyond The Horizon Launches For Bounty Bay Online

Bounty Bay fans rejoice! Frogster has finally completed the launch of their biggest ever expansion for their seafaring MMO Bounty Bay Online. The new expansion, called "Beyond the Horizon," now allows players to sail around Cape Horn and circumnavigate the whole of the historical seafarer world for the first time. With this expansion comes the new continent of South America, where the legendary Maya civilisation awaits discovery.

With this new expansion also comes five unique character classes: the Treasure Hunter, the Armed Businessman, the Imperial Guardian, the Military Officer or a Caribbean Pirate. Each of these classes will have access to a comprehensive skill tree, and they can also snag equipment sets from winning in PvP or smashing through high level instances. There will also be the addition of more pets, like the Hell Wolf, Ice Fairy, Shadow Reaper and Wild Bull. These pets come with special additional attributes, can equip special equipment and exclusive skills, and offer additional storage space for their masters.

Remember, this expansion is entirely free! You can go to to check out the game, or you can learn more about the expansion at the micro-site they've set up to give information.

Bounty Bay Introduces Fleets In Next Expansion

There's more information coming from the developers of Bounty Bay Online about their latest expansion, "Beyond the Horizon." This time they're focusing on the new fleet and merchant alliances, in addition to guilds. Since everyone knows that grouping up is far safer than braving the seas alone, the team is allowing players to join a "fleet," which is, in turn, linked to a guild of their choice. Guilds (and, by extension, fleets) are also part of larger merchant alliances: The Islamic, The Western Mediterranean, The Iberian, The English Channel, or the Netherlands Merchant Trading Alliance.

Players can either join one of these merchant alliances directly, or they can become a member of these alliances by joining a fleet or a guild that is part of a specific merchant alliance. All five of these alliances have their own home city and are supported by the neighbouring harbour towns; this, in turn, gives access to a great number of daily quests and special rewards.

All of these additions come with a large number of others, including six new cities, a new continent and five new character classes. You can also keep track of the Beyond the Horizon expansion on their online page.

Frogster Releases Trailer for Bounty Bay Expansion

Frogster has been quite busy releasing a steady stream of information about "Beyond the Sea," the third free add-on for Bounty Bay Online that launches Nov. 25. From new character classes to a new tournament system, the expansion promises to bring all sorts of new gameplay options to the MMO, which is full of pirates and explorers.

With that being said, Frogster just released a trailer for "Beyond the Horizon" on the game's official Web site. Check it out to get a look at some of the upcoming changes and some in-game footage. More "Beyond the Sea" details can be found on the expansion page.

Five New Ship Types Will Set Sail in Expansion

We reported last week that the sixth and final spot for news on the "Beyond the Horizon" Web site was filled with information on the upcoming wedding system. Well, Frogster has surprised us by adding a seventh section on the expansion's preview page to show us five new ship types that are set to launch in Bounty Bay Online on Nov. 25.

Each of the new ship types is exclusively available to an individual character class and can be obtained in the new cities on the north and south American continents. The ships differ in appearance, cargo capacity, maneuverability, the size of the crew and the number of cannons. Click through the jump to see a list of the new ship types and their assigned character classes.

Expansion Will Add a Wedding System to Bounty Bay

When Frogster announced a couple weeks ago that the "Beyond the Horizon" add-on will launch on Nov. 25, we noticed there was one final spot on the official site that was being saved for more information on the expansion. Well, Frogster recently filled that sixth section by revealing the new wedding system that is coming to Bounty Bay Online.

Two NPCs in front of the church in London will act as wedding planners. Players can use them to reserve the London cathedral and get the wedding dress and invitations for friends, as well as decorations. Items can be obtained through quests or the item shop, while the rings and bouquet can be bought from NPCs using in-game currency.

According to the post, "the newlyweds will receive an increase in their character values and a ring symbol next to the couple's names will signal that they are now no longer there for the taking."

"Beyond the Horizon" Expansion Launches Nov. 25

Frogster has announced that "Beyond the Horizon," the third free add-on for Bounty Bay Online, will be released on Nov. 25. The expansion will introduce the continent of South America, six cities, five new character classes, an expanded pet system, instances, PvP arenas and tournaments, ranking systems and mini-games.

Frogster has been steadily revealing new information about "Beyond the Horizon" on its official site. There are currently pages for the introduction, new world, new classes, pet system and PvP features. The sixth and final spot on the page still says "coming soon," so we'll have to wait and see if there are more surprises in store for the expansion.

PvP Tourney System Coming in 'Beyond the Horizon'

Frogster has announced that it will be adding a new tournament system in Bounty Bay Online when "Beyond the Horizon," the game's third free add-on, is released in the fourth quarter of this year. The new PvP opportunities will let players compete in 1v1, 2v2 or 5v5 battles in both land and sea combat.

Players will be able to register for the weekly tournaments by speaking to NPCs at the harbour in Athens. Participants will compete over three rounds in an attempt to win in-game prizes. A ranking system will keep track of of knockouts and match timings, as well as list the best teams and individual combatants.