Five Upcoming Character Classes Introduced

The Bounty Bay Online team has revealed information on the five character classes that will be introduced in the Beyond the Horizon expansion, which is scheduled to be released in the fourth quarter of this year. According to the announcement, each of the new classes will receive its own individual skill tree that players can use to expand on their abilities in land combat, sea combat and crafting. Here's some information on each new class:

  • The Royal Military Officer is a master of firearms and the sword. He specializes in the use of cannons in sea combat.
  • The Imperial Guardian is adept in the use of the sabre, axe and sword. The class has special grappling hook abilities in sea combat.
  • The Caribbean Pirate enjoys close combat and uses the sabre or axe. In sea combat he is skilled in close combat with cannons and has ramming and grappling hook abilities.
  • The Treasure Hunter's strengths lie in the use of cannons at a long distance. The explorer has abilities with sea mines and ramming tactics. He is a sharpshooter with pistols and is valuable in group combat.
  • The Armed-Businessman is a strong defensive class. He can repair and improve ships and heal seafarers. He provides supporting roles in group combat.


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