Expansion Will Add a Wedding System to Bounty Bay

When Frogster announced a couple weeks ago that the "Beyond the Horizon" add-on will launch on Nov. 25, we noticed there was one final spot on the official site that was being saved for more information on the expansion. Well, Frogster recently filled that sixth section by revealing the new wedding system that is coming to Bounty Bay Online.

Two NPCs in front of the church in London will act as wedding planners. Players can use them to reserve the London cathedral and get the wedding dress and invitations for friends, as well as decorations. Items can be obtained through quests or the item shop, while the rings and bouquet can be bought from NPCs using in-game currency.

According to the post, "the newlyweds will receive an increase in their character values and a ring symbol next to the couple's names will signal that they are now no longer there for the taking."


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