Five New Ship Types Will Set Sail in Expansion

We reported last week that the sixth and final spot for news on the "Beyond the Horizon" Web site was filled with information on the upcoming wedding system. Well, Frogster has surprised us by adding a seventh section on the expansion's preview page to show us five new ship types that are set to launch in Bounty Bay Online on Nov. 25.

Each of the new ship types is exclusively available to an individual character class and can be obtained in the new cities on the north and south American continents. The ships differ in appearance, cargo capacity, maneuverability, the size of the crew and the number of cannons. Click through the jump to see a list of the new ship types and their assigned character classes.

  • Royal Military Officer: Royal Multi Mast Armor Ship
  • Armed Businessman: Heavy Multi Mast Trade Ship
  • Imperial Guardian: Guardian Multi Mast Vessel
  • Caribbean Pirate: Multi Mast Ghost Ship
  • Treasure Hunter: Heavy Multi Mast Minelayer


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