Iron Pine Peak (Rift Quest Series)  

Iron Pine Peak
Quest Series
Starting ZoneIron Pine Peak
Rec. Levels40 to 50
Previous Moonshade Highlands
Next Stillmoor
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Quest Series
Quest lists direct from our database: Most, if not all, quests in this zone increase Notoriety with Icewatch.

Although this zone does have quest series in the 45 to 50 level range, the primary and Story series' here are definitely 40 to 45. You will want to come back here later to wrap up the remaining quests, as they can be very useful closing those last few levels to 50.

The Icewatch of Iron Pine Peak are a Neutral faction, caring not for the philosophical differences between the Defiant and the Guardians. If it does not keep them warm nor fill their bellies nor keep them company in the sleeping furs they have very little use for it.

There is something of a contest going on between the two "civilized" factions to try to sway the Icewatch by proving the better Ally. This works just fine for the Icewatch. Many of the Icewatch camps will have both Defiant and Guardian representatives present.

Quests that are available to only one faction should be so labeled. If you encounter one that is not marked, please correct it or let an Admin know.

If you started here before level 40 you may run out of available quests before reaching the minimum for the next block. If this happens you should go back to Droughtlands and do the quests at Spitescar Wash, Hunter's Camp and Brigand's Bluff that you probably did not do.

The Cloudbourne Ice Necklaces

In Whitefall you meet three husbands whose wives are missing (Whitefall Wives)... and all three were wearing a protective charm, a Cloudbourne Ice Necklace. Upon acquiring one of these necklaces and examining it, you showed it to Garet Nicholton and he stated that these were made by the merchants at Breaker's Camp.

Something about these necklaces looks familiar to you... where was it? Ah, yes, you have seen them before, in Gloamwood! John Tintan asked you to recover some lost crates in Silkweb Pass (A Dangerous Trade).

To the far northwest of Whitefall you meet Sentinel Termaril, who cannot understand why the raiders killed all of his patrol and left him alive, all while he slept through the massacre. Termaril is wearing a Cloudbourne Ice Necklace. (The Lost Patrol)

Cloudbourne Ice NecklaceGaret Nicholton

  1. Jewelry Found (40) - Bring the Cloudbourne Ice Necklace to Garet Nicholton in Whitefall Lift
  2. A Frosty Trinket (40) - Deliver the Cloudbourne Ice Necklace to Nina Velins in Breaker's Camp

Azelia's Corpse

Just in case you somehow got through all that without getting one as a drop, Mage Gone Mad rewards a Cloudbourne Ice Necklace. The only stat on the necklace is +20 Endurance. It has no curse on it that affects gameplay BUT if you wear it, from time to time and at certain places you will hear a voice whispering to you.

Whitefall Lift

Garet Nicholton

  1. Bandit Raid (40) - Kill 9 Redsnow Bandits around Whitefall Passage
  2. Trouble on the Bridge (40) - Kill Fazil the Bridgekeeper

Len Hallis

  1. Mending Defenses (40) - Repair 3 sections of Damaged Barricades
  2. Rush Order (40) - Speak with Kern Chovalis in Breaker's Camp

Defender Verlin

Breaker's Camp

Kern Chovalis

  1. Lost Lift Supplies (40) - Collect 6 Lift Supplies
  2. Backing the Breakers (40) - Speak with Orin Blackshard at the camp in Cloudbourne Tarn

Nina Velins

  1. Breaker Breakers (40) - Kill Rendi Friar and Tia Imen
  2. Yeti Vengeance (40) - Kill 8 Snowblind Yeti

Cloudbourne Tarn

Orin BlackshardMercenary Jolie

  1. Ice Harvest (40) - Collect 6 Ice Chunks
  2. Interview With the Doomed (40) - Speak with Errant Doomsayer

Darin Bevelis

  1. A Missing Worker (40) - Discover Ulmo's fate
  2. Concerning the Icewatch (40) - Speak with Theo Darson in The Chancel of Labors

Frost Falls

Plan of Attack

  1. Bandit Orders (40) - Deliver the Plan of Attack to Nina Velins in Breaker's Camp

Chancel of Labors

Theo Darson - The Doorman will direct you to the two people you need to talk to.

Story: Lord-Protector NervalOlmos the DelverHocott Warshaw

  1. First:
  2. The Darker Side (41) - Use the Dark Mirror
  3. Might of the Icewatch (41) - Use the Blessed Hammer
  4. Aid for the Crossing (41) - Speak with Kevar Wikalev at Pilgrim's Crossing
  5. after Chasing the Snakes from the Chancel:
    1. Reading Between the Lies (48) - Search the books in the Chancel Library for a clue
    2. Now Where is Regula? (48) - Deliver the Coded Missive to Lord-Protector Nerval
    3. We Hold Empty Names (48) - Investigate the body of Scribe Regula
    4. A Wolf in the Flock (48) - Kill Regula
    5. The Cry that Wakes the Sleepers (48) - Speak with Luminary Yentia
  6. Only the Best Need Apply (49) - Speak with Garu Ahmin at Ruston in Stillmoor
  7. A Gathering Storm (50) - Kill Scribe Lakul, Scribe Nychea and Scribe Tashiniss in the Crystal Depths
  8. Chasing the Wind (50) - Find a clue to Chekeroth's whereabouts
  9. Roots and All (50) - Collect a Frost Root from above Mage's Mark, 3 Shale Caps from the Timar Foothills in Scarwood Reach, and 6 Mud Thistles from Tearfall Catacombs in Gloamwood, and take them to Olmos the Delver in Scaldwater Fields, Shimmersand
  10. Forceful Persuasions (50) - Subdue, and then speak with, the Mist Speaker
  11. The Stonebinder (50) - Travel to the Standing Stones in Gloamwood, find what Chekaroth seeks, then kill Menohath the Stonebinder
  12. Secret of the Sands (50) - Search the ruins atop Harlan's Lament in the Droughtlands, kill 4 Kahdorian Protectors, and collect the Codex of Yor
  13. Grim Forecast (50) - Bring the Codex to Hocott Warshaw in the Endless Watch, Stillmoor
  14. Revenge of Yor (50) - Kill Yor the Stormrager

Sentinel MevilisSentinel Termaril

  1. The Lost Patrol (41) - Find Sentinel Termaril northwest of The Chancel of Labors
  2. Completing the Mission (41) - Collect 8 Raw Tidestones
  3. Falling Snow (41) - Speak with Pela Bravilin at Pilgrim's Grossing


Rahn ChuluunWeapon Master Farin

  1. Missing Weapons (41) - Speak with Lord-Protector Nerval
  2. Shipment Triangulation (41) - Retrieve the lost Icewatch Weaponry
  3. Weapons Reclaimed (41) - Speak with Rahn Chuluun
  4. Almost Missed This One (48) - Deliver the Misplaced Magitech Scraps to the Faceless Man in Illumination Point and Uriel Chuluun in Exile's Den


Brother Jebiah

  1. A Strange Disappearance (41) - Speak with Lord-Protector Nerval, Sentinel Korlin, and Sentinel Mevilis
  2. Unfinished Tasks (41) - Find the lost Guardian patrol
  3. Assistance Rendered (41) - Speak with Lord-Protector Nerval


Each of the following quests awards a Plaque of the Mountaineer and +300 Notoriety with the Icewatch.

Robern Charrette

Defender Barris

Defender Gerlin

Pilgrim's Crossing

Kevar Wikalev

  1. Wildlife Removal (42) - Kill 8 Meltwater Felines and 12 Glacierback Wolves
  2. Frozen Produce (42) - Collect 5 Ice Blossoms

Sentinel Bovich - only after you take a bag from a traveler shrine

  1. Thedeor's Mercy (42) - Kill 8 Meltwater Felines and 12 Glacierback Wolves
  2. Thunder Snow (47) - Talk to Sentinel Nightbane
  3. Into the Fray (47) - Speak with Defender Dulvain at Thedeor's Shield

Pela Bravilin

  • Survivor Rescue (42) - Dig through the Snow Piles to rescue 5 avalanche victims



The following quests have a minimum level of 41.

Jorge NeralisAzelia's Corpse

  1. Whitefall Wives (42) - Speak with Bordin Atrosha and Thall Heleman
  2. Wife Tracker (42) - Discover the fate of the Whitefall wives
  3. A Strange Necklace (40) - Bring the Cloudbourne Ice Necklace to Warrik Marsen in Whitefall

Thall Heleman

  1. Constructs of a Crazed Mind (42) - Kill 12 Firebrand Constructs
  2. Mage Gone Mad (42) - Kill Zathax Firebrand
  3. Blood Resources (42) - Collect the Survival Gear and deliver it to Reg Gold Claim

Construct Part - dropped by a Firebrand Construct

Seral Kasliv

  1. Darkness on the Mountain (43) - Speak with Watcher Natham in Oathbound Pass

Watcher GregorAerick BlackthumbNal'mora Quinim - You must be at least level 42 to start this series

1. Earn Your Keep (46) - Speak with Aerick Blackthumb in Illumination Point
2. Conquered Minds (46) - Use the Dominance Breaker on 5 Dominated Villagers
3. A Thank You is in Order (46) - Speak with Watcher Gregor
1. In You We Trust (46) - Speak with Nal'mora Quinim in Sanctuary
2. Imprisoned Minds (46) - Use the Exorcising Mark on 5 Dominated Villagers
3. Protector of Your Weak (46) - Speak with Watcher Gregor
4. Cave of Screams (46) - Talk with Thatch Jedoran in Whitefall Tavern
5. Bitter Winds (46) - Report to Defender Krogan near Defender's Stand
6. After Telara on the Brink:
     Dark Clouds Gathering (47) - Speak with Sentinel Bovich in Pilgrim's Crossing
Defender Lathana
  1. After Cave of Screams:


Each of the following quests awards a Plaque of the Mountaineer and +300 Notoriety with the Icewatch.

Sentinel Tatiana

Sentinel Reatona - Group (3)

Illumination Point - Defiant

Faceless Man

  1. Dabbling in the Forbidden (46) - Disrupt the Ritual Altar

Sanctuary - Guardians

Private SamlyeMarshal KainEkdim the SubduedSentinel EntheaLord-Protector NervalDame Levitia VolyaNal'mora QuinimTransient Portal of the Sanctuary Guard

  1. Report to Marshal Kain (42) - Report to Marshal Kain within Sanctuary
  2. Mercy Is for the Weak (42) - Kill 25 Redsnow Bandits
  3. Make Him Sing (42) - Make Ekdim the Mad in Mage's Mark tell you where the Remnants of Aedraxis went
  4. A Hymn of Frost and Flame (42) - Collect Redsnow Communique from Eridimus the Maker, and collect the Remnant of Aedraxis from the Chest of the Enkarus, both in Harlan's Lament in the Droughtlands
  5. Thedeor's Guidance (42) - Speak with Sentinel Enthea outside of Pilgrim's Crossing
  6. An Unbearable Burden (42) - Kill the Redsnow Courier on the road from Pilgrim's Crossing to Breaker's Camp, take the Remnant of Aedraxis, and destroy it in the Chancel Forge
  7. A Matter of Providence (42) - Return to Marshal Kain
  8. Speak to the Fist (42) - Speak with Captain Ledisko, Sir Martyn Myrsol, and Sir Isaak Kazimir
  9. One Soldier to Another (42) - Speak to Cyril Kalmar in Sanctum
  10. A Strange Trinket (42) - Speak to Sergeant Coda

Donal Sumptor

  1. After A Matter of Providence:

Red Gold Claim

Neslin VerisCrivey BasalinMorti Torlan

  1. First:
  2. Big Lizard in a Small Pool (42) - Kill Ruhil
  3. Blood Iron Supplies (42) - Deliver the Blood Iron Supplies to Seral Kasliv in Whitefall


Julian Alehar

Oathbound Pass

Defender Bavik

  1. Checking the Dig (43) - Collect 6 Frozen Artifacts
  2. This Belongs in a Museum (43) - Discover the cave entrance

Defender Ulan

  1. Clearing the Path (43) - Kill 12 Darktide Stalkers, 7 Darktide Snipers and 5 Darktide Mages
  2. Call for Backup (43) - Report to Defender Malik in Exile's Den

Suspicious NoteWatcher Natham

  1. A Note of Concern - Bring the Suspicious Note to Watcher Natham in Oathbound Pass
  2. Heading Off the Attack - Report to Defender Oathrik in Exile's Den

Icewatch Ridge

Krushik Irontoe

Exile's Den

Defender Malik

  1. Snowbeast Infestation (44) - Kill 6 Snowbeasts in Icewatch Outpost
  2. A Traitor Amongst Us (44) - Kill Epov Itol in the Iceworks Laboratory
  3. Pristine Samples (50) - Collect 6 Pristine Tidestones from Abyssal cultists in Dayblind Hollows

Defender Oathrik
After Snowbeast Infestation

  1. Armament Recovery (44) - Collect 5 Icewatch Weaponry in Icewatch Outpost
  2. Consequences of Neglect (44) - Activate the Icewatch Beacon
  3. Dayblind Scouting (44) - Speak with Sentinel Kashara at Radiant Guard

Daro Copperthumb
After Snowbeast Infestation

  1. Cleansing the Keep (44) - Free 3 Captured Soldiers and kill Lia Disrata
  2. Shadows Over Mathosia (45) - Speak with Verick Sevoris in Endless Watch


Uriel Chuluun

  1. First:
  2. Transformation Interrupted (44) - Disable the 4 Abyssal Incubators
  3. Plans Revealed (44) - Speak with Henrick Davshal in Radiant Guard


Tabitha Leighton

  1. First:
  2. Disrupting the Ritual (44) - Kill Rhotip the Caller and Nhagoa
  3. Abyssal Uncovered (44) - Speak with Lana Farnish in Radiant Guard


Each of the following quests awards a Plaque of the Mountaineer and +300 Notoriety with the Icewatch.

Radiant Guard

Sentinel ProlosSentinel Ruvak

  1. The Missing Link (45) - Find the Tactician's cave
  2. Collecting Threads (45) - Collect 4 Abyssal Uniform Pieces
  3. A Meeting of Interest (45) - Use the Abyssal Cultist Disguise and attend the meeting
  4. The Spread of Madness (45) - Find the cave in Dayblind Hollows, and the tablet
  5. Final:
  6. A Chilling Tale (45) - Speak with Defender Lathana in Whitefall

Sentinel Ruvak

  1. Salvaging Sourcestone (45) - Collect 10 Tidestone
  2. After A Decisive Blow:

Sentinel Kashara

Henrick Davshal - Defiant

  1. Improving the First Aegis (45) - Set up an Eternal Sentinel at the first Ancient Aegis
  2. Improving the Second Aegis (45) - Set up an Eternal Sentinel at the second Ancient Aegis
  3. Technological Aid (45) - Collect 3 Abyssal Technology

Lana Farnish - Guardians

  1. Thedeor's First Aegis (45) - Restore the Ancient Aegis of the Icewatch, then examine the restored Aegis
  2. Thedeor's Second Aegis (45) - Restore the Ancient Aegis of the Icewatch
  3. After A Meeting of Interest:

Prison Key

Cloudbourne Caverns

Watcher Vaeron's Contract

  1. The Price of Betrayal (47) - Kill Watcher Vaeron
  2. Chasing the Snakes from the Chancel (47) - Speak with Lord-Protector Nerval in The Chancel of Labors

Watcher Vaeron's Journal

  1. Awakening to Nightmares (47) - Stop Xatax Icebane and the Frozen Army
  2. Clear Skies Ahead (47) - Speak with Theo Darson in The Chancel of Labors

Dayblind Hollows

Prison Key

  1. A Prisoner's Freedom (45) - Bring the Prison Key to Odo Mathari in the Dayblind Hollows caves

Odo Mathari

Choke Water

Hoffan Irontrap

  1. Trapper Support (46) - Repair 7 Damaged Traps

Durian Redsnow

  1. The Great Snow Hunt (46) - Kill 4 Darksnarl Nightmares, 7 Darksnarl Terrors, 4 Frostpaw Wildfangs, and 7 Frostpaw Talons

Kestrel's Cry Ravine

Dupels Stubtoe

  1. In Over His Head (46) - Escort Dupels Stubtoe to Choke Water

Defender's Stand

Defender Icescar - Icewatch

  1. Blood on the Snow (46) - Kill 3 Snowback Slayers and 7 Snowback Brutes
  2. Paving the Way (46) - Kill 3 Thunder Wardens
  3. Removing Their Eyes (47) - Kill 5 Blackcloud Cultists
  4. The Frozen Army (47) - Use Thedeor's Fire to destroy 6 Iron Arbiters
  5. Telara on the Brink (47) - Interrupt the ritual taking place at the back of the Howling Caves
  6. Eye of the Storm (47) - Speak with Watcher Gregor in Whitefall

Sentinel Loran - Icewatch

  1. Protectors of Stone (46) - Kill 3 Stonewing Sentinels and 7 Stonewing Protectors
  2. Falling Like Rain (47) - Kill Baris Windblade, Gerlin Windblade, and Archivist Vislin

Bram Farstrider - Defiant

  1. Preemptive Freedom (47) - Destroy 5 Cloudbourne Necklace Stockpiles

Mavin Jonston - Guardians

Thedeor's Shield

Crucia's Frozen Army
Crucia's Frozen Army
Story: Defender DulvainSentinel ToggartBorovi Nightwater (Defiant) • Woden Brightstar (Guardians) • Watcher Vaeron's ContractWatcher Vaeron's Journal
  1. Cloudbourne Caverns:
  2. Chasing the Snakes from the Chancel (47) - Speak with Lord-Protector Nerval in The Chancel of Labors

Whether you get Against the Storm or Awakening to Nightmares, and The Betrayer or The Price of Betrayal, seems to depend on the sequence you do the other quests in. The point is to make sure that one way or another you kill Watcher Vaeron and stop Crucia's army from rising.

Abyssal Precipice - Dungeon

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