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Runecrafting is the only Manufacturing profession that does not require any materials from a Gathering profession.

Runecrafters can Runebreak magical armor, weapons, and many other items, and turn the resultant materials into Runes that can be bound to certain armor and weapons to increase their magical power.

Because you need materials that can only be obtained by Runebreaking, Runecrafter is a expensive profession. This is due both to the items you will need to buy so you can break them, and the items you get from adventuring that, instead of selling for cash, you break for materials.

Additionally, Runecrafters need Planar Dusts and consumables that come from participation in rift events. For this reason, we suggest that all others send these to their guild's Runecrafter as they outgrow them.


NoviceEldrek Sazz
Kelari Refuge, Freemarch
Reynold Curry
Argent Glade, Silverwood
Skilled Loghain Firescribe
Gloamwood Pines, Gloamwood
Expert Jonni Merril
Lantern Hook, Droughtlands
MasterDion Verca
The Manufactory, Meridian
Honovi Gustermen
Bahralt Street, Sanctum
Sasha Nikadon
Sagespire, Scarwood Reach
Fortune's Shore, Shimmersand
Grandmaster Mirinda Signoj
Tuldio Retreat, Kingdom of Pelladane
Korva Kanto
Tulan, Cape Jule
Mistera Venton
The Canals, Tempest Bay
RecipesDashnai Batu
The Manufactory, Meridian
Bahralt Street, Sanctum
Kono Arcano
Tuldio Retreat, Kingdom of Pelladane
Fluas Vivon
Tulan, Cape Jule
Klaki Plimu
The Canals, Tempest Bay



  • Expert:


Use Runebreak to break an armor or weapon and extract the magical essences of the item in a form that can be used to craft runes. The following items are possible results from Runebreaking. Note that some lower results can be combined to make higher-level material.

Tier I
Tier II
Tier III
Tier I
AllKinetic Arc5 -> Kinetic Charge3 -> Kinetic BurstKinetic Arc x15
Perpetual Blur5 -> Perpetual Glow3 -> Perpetual FlarePerpetual Blur x15
Sentience Spark5 -> Sentience Surge3 -> Sentience BlastSentience Spark x15
UncommonFlickering Powder3 -> Flickering Shard3 -> Flickering CrystalFlickering Powder x9
RareSparkling Powder3 -> Sparkling Shard3 -> Sparkling CrystalSparkling Powder x9
EpicShimmering Powder3 -> Shimmering Shard3 -> Shimmering CrystalShimmering Powder x9
For a complete discussion of Salvaging, how it works, and what you can do with the materials, see Salvaging.


See: Runecrafting Recipes


There are many different types of Runes, and each type has multiple tiers.

Runes are applied directly and permanently to weapons and armor. Each type of rune will tell you what items it may be applied to. This is not to be confused with temporary rune effects, such as the Shrouded Rune, which will stack with permanent runes.

Many faction quartermasters will sell runes for one type of weapon or armor which will require a certain Notoriety with that faction to purchase. For a listing of these, see Armor Runes.

The tiers of craftable runes are Dim, Glowing, Bright, Luminous, Radiant, Brilliant, Blazing, and Incandescent. Every tier does not have every type of Rune.

For a complete table of all the Runes that can be player-crafted, including what they do and which slots they apply to, see Runes.

Ally Faction Recipes

RecipeSkill Req'dZoneFactionNotorietyNotes
Incandescent Adamant Rune300Ember IsleThe KeepersHonorednone
Incandescent Tenacious Rune300Ember IsleThe KeepersHonorednone

Rift Faction Recipes

The following recipes require a certain rift ally faction to purchase.

Unlike other Runes that give bonuses to stats, the first six Runes in this table add a proc to a weapon. For example, the can be applied to any Two Handed weapon and adds a chance to reduce your target's armor by 178, for 10 seconds, when you use a damaging ability. These are similar to procs granted by Greater Essences.

The rest of the Runes in this table add Resistances.

RecipeSkill Req'dDefiant FactionGuardians FactionNotorietyPlanarite Cost
Crushing Runeshard100The Shale CollegiateMendicant OrderDecorated150
Petrifying Rune100The Shale CollegiateMendicant OrderDecorated150
Chilling Rune100Mercurial SavantsOrder of PurityDecorated150
Smoldering Rune200Ember ScholarsOrder of the FlameDecorated200
Icewall Rune200Mercurial SavantsOrder of PurityDecorated200
Windshielding Rune200Zephyrian CollectiveThe Storm InquisitionDecorated200
Brilliant Life Resistance Rune300Students of the ValeOrder of Life SereneDecorated800
Blazing Life Resistance Rune300Students of the ValeOrder of Life SereneDecorated800
Brilliant Fire Resistance Rune300Ember ScholarsOrder of the FlameDecorated800
Brilliant Water Resistance Rune300Mercurial SavantsOrder of PurityDecorated800
Brilliant Air Resistance Rune300Zephyrian CollectiveThe Storm InquisitionDecorated800
Brilliant Earth Resistance Rune300The Shale CollegiateMendicant OrderDecorated800
Brilliant Death Resistance Rune300The Grim DisciplesOrder of the Death SerpentDecorated800
Blazing Fire Resistance Rune300Ember ScholarsOrder of the FlameHonored800
Blazing Water Resistance Rune300Mercurial SavantsOrder of PurityHonored800
Blazing Air Resistance Rune300Zephyrian CollectiveThe Storm InquisitionHonored800
Blazing Earth Resistance Rune300The Shale CollegiateMendicant OrderHonored800
Blazing Death Resistance Rune300The Grim DisciplesOrder of the Death SerpentHonored800

Warfront Faction Recipes

The only recipes from Warfronts are for Runecrafter and require Prestige and Favor to purchase.

RecipeSkill Req'dDefiant QuartermasterGuardians QuartermasterPrestige Req'dFavor Cost
Radiant Vengeful Rune290GirdoomTemplar ZimRank 216974
Blazing Vengeful Rune300GirdoomTemplar ZimRank 560221

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