the Keepers (Rift faction)  

Quick Facts

When Talos, Ula, Nazim, Asias and Karine imprisoned Maelforge over a thousand years ago, great fissures formed across the island. These Sourcewells, as they came to be called, were repositories of great power, and planar armies soon mobilized to sap their mysterious energy.

Some Kelari and Farclan dwarves recognized that the Sourcewells had to be protected. These brothers and sisters followed the example of the five heroes and formed the Keepers of the Flame. Over the centuries, their eternal mission was to defend the Sourcewells and reinforce Maelforge's prison.

These duties passed from generation to generation, and now I stand as the leader of the Keepers. We have been beaten back to the brink, and all our defenses around the Sourcewells have been destroyed.

Still, there is hope now that the Ascended are here.
-- Darius, leader of the Keepers

Your standing with this faction will begin at Neutral.

Defeating an invasion at a Sourcewell will award a Sourcewell Fragment. When picked up, this increases your Notoriety by +2 with The Keepers. It does not appear in Inventory or Currency (Consume on Pickup).

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