Crafting Rifts (Rift)  


Crafting Rifts were added with the 1.2 Patch. To open a Crafting Rift requires a Crafting Rift Lure, and making the lure also awards a Plaque, but first you have to get the correct quest from the Workorder NPC. Once you reach Mastery (300) of your craft the workorders NPC should offer you the daily workorder to make your Lure, and your master will teach you the recipe.

Take your Lure, approach any normal tear (not a raid tear), and use the lure to open it. Although a 300 crafter is required to make the lure, anyone, even non-crafters, can enter the rift and help. Crafting rifts will have all the same mobs to kill and stages as any other rift. All mobs will be level-appropriate to the level range of the zone the rift was opened in. The only real difference is that all rewards for sealing the rift will be crafting materials of the same level range. Materials will be Planarite, Planar Dusts, Augments, Cores, Minor Catalyst and normal materials for the craft of the lure that opened the rift. The materials should be of higher quality for rifts in the higher-level zones.

An excellent idea for guild crafters is to get a guild group together, do the Crafting Rift, then give all the materials to the crafter. Every member of the party will get the rewards so this can significantly increase the haul for the crafter that spent the time and money to make the lure.

Crafting Rift Lures

Each Profession has its own Crafting Rift Lure recipe. These recipes require a skill level of 300.

ProfessionGuardianDefiantPrimary Ingredient(s)LurePlaneEncounter
ApothecaryWorkorder: Tempestflower VotiveWorkorder: Tempestflower Coolant8 Tempestflower Stems and 2 Darkened BonesRift Lure - ApothecaryLifeThe Herbdoctor's Garden
ArmorsmithWorkorder: Orichalcum ReliquaryWorkorder: Orichalcum Shell8 Orichalcum Bars and 2 Smooth LightstonesRift Lure - ArmorsmithEarthArmored and Dangerous
ArtificerWorkorder: Diamond IconWorkorder: Diamond Focus8 Brilliant Diamonds and 4 Jagged LightstonesRift Lure - ArtificerWaterShiny Junkies
OutfitterWorkorder: Witchweave StitchingWorkorder: Witchweave Threading8 Bolts of Witchweaves and 2 Steeled LeatherRift Lure - OutfitterDeath Death Suits Them
RunecrafterWorkorder: Perpetual LightWorkorder: Kinetic Battery8 Perpetual Flares/Kinetic Bursts and 2 Sparkling PowdersRift Lure - RunecrafterAir Stormforce
WeaponsmithWorkorder: Shadethorn TamataWorkorder: Shadethorn Grip6 Shadethorn Lumber and 4 Orichalcum BarsRift Lure - WeaponsmithFireThe Flames of the Dragon Forge

In addition to the Primary Ingredients listed above the recipe will also need some purchased supply, such as Superior Grinding Stone or Gilded Thread, and 3 Eternal Planar Dusts.

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