Summerfest (Rift Event)  

Summer is here and people all across Telara are taking a break from their hard-won battles to enjoy the fine weather, great food, and fantastic fishing that summer always brings.

Summerfest is currently slated to run from June 27, 2012 through July 25, 2012.
These dates and any information below are from the PTS and are subject to change.

The main event currency for Summerfest is the Summerfest Merit Badge, which can be earned via quests and by closing rifts of all levels.

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Hedge Mazes

The hedge mazes were removed with RIFT 1.9 Hotfix #2.


  • Phase 1: Beat the Heat
    • Summer is here and people all over Telara are taking a break from their hard-won battles to enjoy the fine weather and fantastic fishing that summer always brings.
  • Phase 2: Lazy Summer
    • The scavenger hunts continue throughout Telara while many folk sit back with a frosty beverage and enjoy the sunshine.

Event Quests

Misc Dailies

Fishing Dailies

Summer Sunplant
Summer Sunplant
During Summerfest the Summer Sunplant can be found growing in shallow waters throughout Telara. Fishing around this plant can yield Summer Sunfish, Sunplant Leaves and even the occasional Summerfest Merit Badge. The locations of the Sunplants are marked with a fish icon.


Scavenger Hunts
Begin each scavenger hunt with Shyla Starhearth at (7423, 3130) in Sanctum or Sylver Valis at (6205, 5196) in Merdian. Find a task master in each of the challenge zones and complete their quest! Check the individual subquest pages for walkthroughs of those quests.


Event Merchant

Spend your merit badges and friendship bracelets by purchasing event goods from Aerlinsa at (7420, 3120) in Sanctum or at (6205, 5177) in Meridian.

Item Price
Endless Marauder's Warhelm 1 500
Hollowed Bracken Pod 1 500
Jar of Fireflies 1 22px
Aelfwar Gloves 150 22px
Aelfwar Boots 250 22px
Aelfwar Shoulders 250 22px
Aelfwar Helmet 250 22px
Aelfwar Leggings 250 22px
Aelfwar Tunic 250 22px
Gem of Boundless Energy 500 22px
Endless Overgrowth Oil 250 22px

Item Price
Writ of the Sunny 100 22px
Writ of the Sun Burned 100 22px
Writ of the Sizzling 100 22px
Writ of the Summer Flame 100 22px
Writ of the Summer Royalty 100 22px
Writ of the Councilor 1 100
The Shamble Stick 1 22px
Twiddle 100 22px
Random Companion Adoption Box 500 22px
Hybrid Planar Essences
Sublime Impregnable Lifestone 125 1000
Sublime Deflecting Lifestone 125 1000
Sublime Encrusted Lifestone 125 1000

Item Price
Wisdom Planar Essences: Glittering
Lesser Glittering Lifestone 100 22px
Glittering Lifestone 200 22px
Greater Glittering Lifestone 300 22px
Exalted Glittering Lifestone 500 22px
Sublime Glittering Lifestone 125 1000
Intelligence Planar Essences: Coruscating
Lesser Coruscating Lifestone100 22px
Coruscating Lifestone 200 22px
Greater Coruscating Lifestone 300 22px
Exalted Coruscating Lifestone 500 22px
Sublime Coruscating Lifestone 125 1000

Item Price
Dexterity Planar Essences: Shimmering
Lesser Shimmering Lifestone 100 22px
Shimmering Lifestone 200 22px
Greater Shimmering Lifestone 300 22px
Exalted Shimmering Lifestone 500 22px
Sublime Shimmering Lifestone 125 1000
Strength Planar Essences: Scintillating
Lesser Scintillating Lifestone 100 22px
Scintillating Lifestone 200 22px
Greater Scintillating Lifestone 300 22px
Exalted Scintillating Lifestone 500 22px
Sublime Scintillating Lifestone 125 1000

Each of the following links will bring up the Item Search for the item name. Each weapon has five versions.

Jari <Alo's Sous-Chef>
All food costs 1 Summerfest Merit Badge (except as noted)

Summerfest Companions

There are 11 new pets available for Summerfest, but unlike previous world events, these companions are trappable in the open world! Each zone has a corresponding companion which spawns at a random location. You will know you've found one when the trapping icon pops up as a temporary ability on your screen. Run up to the little critter and use the trapping ability to collect the companion in your inventory. Alternatively, you can purchase a Random Companion Adoption Box for 500 Summerfest Merit Badges from the Summerfest merchant.

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