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As our News staff is doing an excellent job reporting Aion News items, we are going to limit this space to new wiki sections, templates, and other items of specific interest to our wiki users and contributors.
  • 07.16.10 We have begun adding a Named Monsters section to each Zone page. It is slow going and labor-intensive but Bludwyng hopes to have all the major zones done in a week or so.
  • 07.03.10 Added links for Aionopedia to the other Resources links.
  • 02.01.10 We have changed the PW/AA link to PW/db. The db is a link to Aion database. The template name that creates the link is still {{PWAA}}.
  • 01.12.10 I have added a link, in Other Resources on Zone pages only, to aionproject.net. They have excellent maps with locations for resources, rifts and named mobs. The new link displays as "Maps".
  • 12.01.09 All wiki pages now have a Discuss tab. This is where discussions can take place regarding unverified claims, incomplete info, or just general chatting. A number next to Discuss indicates the number of comments posted to that wiki page.
  • 10.22.09 Aion Work Order is done and ready for someone to really pound on it.
  • 10.11.09 Just realized I neglected to make a Naming Conventions guide for this wiki. That is now corrected. It probably does not cover ever circumstance but it will grow as I think of more to add to it.
  • 09.25.09 PlayerTag will now, for Aion, add a link to your character's Live Status page at AionOnline.com! If you have not considered placing this tag on your user page, yet, please take a look at all PlayerTag does for you, such as adding your User page to your Server and Legion categories!
  • 10.02.09 Added Aion Shop 2 as a replacement to Aion Shop to take advantage of the new #commalist function in the wiki. Great speed improvements everywhere, especially to Aion Mob and Aion Quest.
  • 09.24.09 Our new skin and subdomain, aion.zam.com, went live this afternoon. Now we can finally get added to the Official Fansites list... if I can find the submit link on the new AionOnline site.

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  • 08/15/09 I have modified the item linker, AionItem. Now, if our system does not have a page for that item, the redlink will be followed by (PW/AA), with PW linked to PowerWiki, and AA linked to AionArmory.
  • 08.10.09 Aion Skill and Aion Skill Ranks have been added. We still intend to NOT make pages for all skills, but a few seem worth the time. See Category:Skills.
  • 07.28.09 We have implemented Armor Sets. See Aion Armor Set for documentation. All Armor Sets can be found in Category:Armor Sets.
  • 09.18.09 New patch is in, version, and is only 5.2 MB
  • 09.14.09 2am... Open Beta is over.
  • 09.12.09 Aion is down for the next 2 hours while they patch to, and they have extended the Open Beta by 6 hours, to Monday night, the 14th, at 2am CDT. It would seem that most of the changes are in fine tuning for the connectivity issues, but the patch is 620MB, so who knows? See the Patch Notes on PowerWiki.
  • 09.12.09 Aion has been nominated for 2 of the First Annual ZAM PAX Awards: Most Innovative Gameplay and Most Original Setting!
  • 09.09.09 Dig the date, dude. :) It is confirmed... the incompatibility between GameGuard and Avast! has been fixed. However, many are still getting the GG 114 error and are unable to login.
  • 09.05.09 The NCSoft launcher updated the Aion client this morning to (about 25MB).
  • 09.01.09 The NCSoft launcher is now serving version of the Aion client in preparation for the upcoming Open Beta. As the NCSoft uses a Torrent-style distribution that they call "Trickle", we recommend you fire up the NCSoft launcher today and start it downloading if you want to be ready for the start of Open Beta!
  • 08.15.09 GameGuard is apparently incompatible with the Avast! anti-virus program. You must uninstall or disable Avast! to get past the error, at least under Vista 32. There is no other fix at this time.
  • 08.03.09 The version, at launch, will bring the NA\EU client up to the current Korean client, with the 1.5 Content Patch. This content release is sub-titled Shadow of the Balaur. Watch the official trailer for Shadow of the Balaur at YouTube.
  • 07.30.09 The Client update for Weekend #5 (client version is big, clocking in at 438MB. If you have not done so already and want to be ready to play tomorrow when the servers open, you better fire up the NCSoft Launcher today and get the patch downloaded!
  • 07.20.09 The Client version at launch will be 1.2, which includes an increase to XP gain across the board.
  • 07.16.09 Client updated to in advance of Beta Weekend #4, tomorrow.
  • 07.15.09 4th Aion Closed Beta Event Begins Friday, ZAM news story here.
  • 07.14.09 Aion Has New Screenshots For Spiritmaster Class, ZAM news story here.
  • 06.23.09 Release dates announced!
    • 09.22.09 - US Release
    • 09.25.09 - EU Release
  • 07.22.09 We know that 1.2 is going to change all the XP numbers, but we are still entering them. Later, as we level up after launch, we can correct the numbers as we go. Also, my main during Beta has resolved as the Elyos Sorcerer I started on the first weekend, so Altgard info is only so-so, and Asmo data after Altgard is non-existent. If anyone wants to take over the Asmo quest series info, we would be grateful and will give you all the help we can!
  • 07.20.09 Shorthand version for Quests, Mobs, Items, Objects and Places added to Aion, with pointers to any matching page at several community resources, including PowerWiki.
  • 07.16.09 Elysea Campaign and Standard quest series for Poeta and Verteron are 99% done. On Asmodea, it is not quite as complete, but Ishalgen is skeletoned in, and most quest names for Altgard are in, as well.
  • 06.22.09 Added Aion Design. Designs (aka Recipes) are just different enough I decided to give them their own template rather than forcing them to fit the Item template. I am still ni the process of rearranging the entire Artisanry (formerly Crafting) section, so bear with me.
  • 06.20.09 If you want to help but don't know where to start, go to Category:Aion Stubs and pick a page!
  • 06.10.09 - Templates for Aion Item, Aion Object and Aion Place are done. Also added new linkers, AionRace, for use as a shortcut for those LONG race category page names, and AionSkill. AionSkill will only link to existing pages, as we have no intention of creating a page for every single skill. Also, new GLOBAL template, Race Image, allows us to display default racial pics based on gender! So, next Beta weekend, get pics of both Male and Female!
  • 06.09.09 - Aion Mob and Aion Quest templates are complete, but are not yet documented. Will get that done tomorrow.
  • 06.22.09 See Bludwyng's Things I Wish I Had Known... and Thoughts at the end of Closed Beta Event #2
  • 06.18.09 More Beta dates!
    • Closed Beta Event #3 - July 2-July 6, Focus: Asmodian levels 1-20
    • Closed Beta Event #4 - July 17-July 20 Focus: Elyos and Asmodian levels 1-25, including Abyss access!
    • Closed Beta Event #5 - July 31-August 3 Focus: TBD
    • Closed Beta Event #6 - August 14-August 17 Focus: TBD
    • Note: The servers should come up at Noon PDT on the start day, and go down at Noon PDT on the end day.
  • 06.18.09 For those that were under the NDA, it has been lifted. Everyone is now free to contribute unlimited information.
  • 06.05.09 Second US/EU Beta weekend announced for June 19, 2009 to June 21, 2009. This second weekend will feature the Asmodian race for levels 1-10 only.
  • 05.29.09 NCSoft Officially Announces US/EU Beta Weekends and Collectors Edition. Full story here. The Elyos for levels 1-20 will be open.
  • 05.29.09 Beta Test Begins June 5; Collector's Edition Info

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