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Regulos the Destroyer has found a way to slip into the world of Telara. When the Ward failed, magical disaster struck the land and many years later, the rifts began to appear. Beginning as simple tears, they soon open up to the outer planes bringing chaos and destruction to the region around it. These holes in the fabric of reality allow the destructive influence of otherworldly planes to invade Telara.

The Ascended are tasked with the impossible--putting a stop to these rifts and the massive invasions that pour forth from them. If we fail, Telara and its inhabitants could be destroyed forever.


A tear in the world results in the eventual opening of a planar rift. Its level range is displayed on the map ahead of time and its actual level is determined when the tear opens into a rift. An Ascended can open the rift prematurely by using the Ascended Power: Planar Lure ability.

Two types of rifts can result from a tear: Major and Minor. A Major tear will open up into either a Major or a Minor rift, while a Minor tear always opens up into a Minor rift. The creatures from a Major rift are mostly group difficulty. The ones encountered from a Minor rift are usually solo difficulty.


An Earth Rift
An Earth Rift
Several types of rifts, which represent the primal elements of the planes, are known to exist: Air, Death, Earth, Fire, Life and Water.

Rifts normally occur with 3 regular stages and up to 2 bonus stages; however, a rift can have as many as 10 total stages. The first and second rift stages deal with the lesser creatures from the rift, while the third stage, which is timed, deals with the boss mob or mobs. If players can beat the clock on the third stage, they continue on into the bonus stages.

The first bonus stage is timed and will usually have a decently sized force of lesser creatures. If the clock is beaten, the second bonus stage will have a group difficulty boss mob.

After 90 minutes from a rift opening it will collapse. This can potentially result in a foothold being created. A rift's level will usually scale to the level of the normal zone mobs around it.

Individual rifts are listed and described in Category:Encounters.

There are several types of single-use ground spawn objects that can be interacted with at a rift.

  • Blue Crystals - Gives the buff Source of Vigor. Increases energy regeneration rate for 30 seconds. Effect can be stacked.
  • Green Crystals - Gives the buff Source of Vitality. Increases health regeneration rate by 4% for 30 seconds. Effect can be stacked.
  • Red Crystals - Gives the buff Source of Power. Increases damage by 25% for 30 seconds. Effect can be stacked.
  • Tombstones - Gives a companion pet that will attack mobs that the player is fighting. Only found at some death rifts. Effect cannot be stacked and lasts 30 seconds or until the pet is slain.

Blue Crystals
Red Crystals
Green Crystals
Certain rifts appear only in select areas of Telara.
Zone Predominant Rift Types
Droughtlands Air, Earth and Fire
Freemarch Death and Water
Gloamwood Death, Fire and Life
Iron Pine Peak Air, Death and Water
Moonshade Highlands Death, Life and Water
Scarlet Gorge Death, Earth and Fire
Scarwood Reach Death and Life
Shimmersand Air, Earth and Fire
Silverwood Fire and Life
Stillmoor Death and Life
Stonefield Death and Earth

Crafting Rifts

These are minor tears that are opened by a player using their crafting rift lure. These rifts behave the same as any other rift, except that their rewards are geared toward crafters. Any amount of players can participate in these rifts and all participants will get their own rewards.

Each crafting profession has their own weekly workorder that will create this particular type of lure. Known workorders for each profession can be found in our Crafting Rifts guide.

Expert Rifts

Expert rifts are level 52 rifts designed for a group of five or more ascended. They have near the same difficulty as a tier one expert level dungeon. As of 1.3 there are six total expert rifts, one for each rift element. Abbess Katia for the Guardians and Raj Tahleed for the Defiants each offer a daily quest to complete one of the six expert rifts. For more information on these please check out our guide: Expert Rifts

Plane Planar Faction Daily Quest Zone Expert Rift Lure
Defiant Guardian Defiant Guardian
Air Zephyrian Collective The Storm Inquisition Storm Powered Storm Powered Iron Pine Peak Lure: Storm Legion Elite
Death The Grim Disciples Order of the Death Serpent Redeeming Their Names Redeeming Their Names Stillmoor Lure: Redemption of Perdeen
Earth The Shale Collegiate Mendicant Order No New Taxes No New Taxes Shimmersand Lure: Auricore Forerunners
Fire Ember Scholars Order of the Flame Raexanis Defused Raexanis Defused Shimmersand Lure: Explosive Tendencies
Life Students of the Vale Order of Life Serene Origin of Evolution End of Evolution Stillmoor Lure: Primal Evolution
Water Mercurial Savants Order of Purity Kapora the Frostbane Kapora the Frostbane Iron Pine Peak Lure: Revenge of the Icewatch

Raid Rifts

Abbess Katia in Sanctum and Raj Tahleed in Meridian offer a daily quest to conquer a specific Raid Rift. This quest is often referred to in level 50 chat as DRR (Daily Raid Rift).

A Lure is needed for the specific rift targeted. The Lures (or Husks) can be purchased from the Planar Faction Quatermasters in the same room as the quest giver. One Lure per week can also be obtained from Abbess Katia, or Raj Tahleed (Taking the Fight).

PlaneRift EncounterDRR Quest NameZone
EarthThe Golden KingThe Golden King Shimmersand
AirWinds of ChaosSilence the VoiceShimmersand
FireDrakith Hatchery Razing the Youth Iron Pine Peak
WaterHunger of the DeepHeart of the TideIron Pine Peak
LifeGrowth of the AelfwarTeaching the LessonStillmoor
DeathTerror of UndeathUnstitching the TerrorStillmoor

Planar Attunement Rifts

Introduced with path 1.5 and Planar Attunement, each Plane has a Lure at the center of the first sphere of it's Attunement path, such as Death Lure. This will start a Death rift event at any Minor or Major tear. The level of the rift will be set by the zone the tear is in. Very little else is known about these as we lack enough data. More to come...


Footholds are generally a small invasion force (see below) that has taken over a wardstone, replaces it with their own wardstone or idol and patrols it. Some footholds are generated randomly throughout the world without taking over a wardstone--this happens most often in cases where the opposing faction imposes themselves. Additionally, a rift collapsing can result in a foothold.

Each foothold is patrolled by a small amount of lesser planar mobs (usually 4 total). Occasionally there will also be a boss mob with these lesser mobs. After the invaders are cleared, you must also destroy the wardstone or idol to defeat the foothold. Some of these inanimate objects will summon defensive mobs to their side while they are being attacked.


There are three main types of invasions: Faction, Single and Zone. These invasions can result in footholds, which are explained in more detail in the section above.

Faction Invasions are a band of mobs invading the region from the opposing faction. Defiants will encounter several Guardian invaders while Guardians will come across Defiant invaders.

Single Invasions are a small force of planar mobs that pour out during a rift. They consist of a solo difficulty boss mob with a large amount of health and four lesser mobs to accompany it. These forces will travel to a predetermined wardstone in the region, where it will attempt to destroy it, unless stopped by players during its path there or at the stone.

Zone Invasions are massive attacks from a large planar force. They seek to completely destroy the region that they descend upon.

The first part of a zone invasion usually requires a select number of rifts to be closed as well as wardstones to be defended from invaders that pour out of the rifts. Completing the first part will result in the elite boss mob of the invasion to spawn. These elites have a huge amount of health, special attacks and require many players to take down.

It is possible to fail a zone invasion if players cannot defend all of the wardstones from the invaders. It is important to pay attention to the zone shouts of locations that need help warding off the invaders and to help your fellow players in defending it. Players can also use the Ascended Power: Augment Wardstone to upgrade and heal friendly wardstones, giving them more health and a better chance of succeeding the invasion.

When a zone invasion begins a quest is added to the journal of everyone in that zone. Each zone has invasions that are particular to it.

Zone Invasion Name Plane
Droughtlands Desert Wind Air
Droughtlands Fiery Hoofsteps Fire
Droughtlands March of the Stone Army Earth
Droughtlands Saving Lantern Hook Fire
Droughtlands Sting of the Sand Earth
Droughtlands Terror of the Sky Air
Droughtlands The Burning Dragonian Fire
Ember Isle Fires of Rebirth Fire
Ember Isle In Golden's Grasp Earth
Ember Isle Ithkus' Rise Water
Ember Isle The Seed of Change Life
Freemarch Battle for Freemarch Death
Freemarch Fall of the Hammer Water
Freemarch Gathering of Souls Death
Freemarch The Crushing Deep Water
Freemarch The Ebb of the Tidelord Water
Freemarch The Hand of Death Death
Gloamwood Descending Night Death
Gloamwood Forged in Rage Fire
Gloamwood From the Deeps Fire
Gloamwood The Purging of Gloamwood Pines Death
Gloamwood The Wild Plague Death
Iron Pine Peak Army of the Wind Air
Iron Pine Peak Chilled to the Bone Death
Iron Pine Peak Frostbitten Spirits Death
Iron Pine Peak Mountain Flood Water
Iron Pine Peak Stone Cold Invaders Air
Iron Pine Peak The Sky Beasts Air
Iron Pine Peak The Snow Pack Water
Moonshade Highlands Life of a Bog Mother Life
Moonshade Highlands Live and Let Die Death
Moonshade Highlands Run to the Hills Water
Moonshade Highlands Runebound Technology Death
Moonshade Highlands The Bogspawn of Gorodon Life
Moonshade Highlands Where the Death Fae Go Death
Scarlet Gorge A Royal Raid Earth
Scarlet Gorge Fires of Suffering Fire
Scarlet Gorge Greed in the Gorge - Defiant Earth
Scarlet Gorge Greed in the Gorge - Guardian Earth
Scarlet Gorge Shambling Hordes Death

Zone Invasion Name Plane
Scarlet Gorge Systematic Deconstruction Earth
Scarlet Gorge The Bone Dance Death
Scarlet Gorge The Crucible Fire
Scarwood Reach Double Danger Death
Scarwood Reach Explosive Life Life
Scarwood Reach Hard Knocks Life
Scarwood Reach The Witching Hour Life
Shimmersand From the Pit Fire
Shimmersand Prince of Earth Earth
Shimmersand Sand Worship Earth
Shimmersand Serpent Storm Air
Shimmersand Wind and Wings Air
Silverwood Arboreal Assault Life
Silverwood Battle of the Woodlands Life
Silverwood Crusade Against House Aelfwar Life
Silverwood March of the Gedlo Fire
Silverwood The Embers of Silverwood Fire
Silverwood The Forest Fire Fire
Stillmoor An Eye for an Eye - Guardian Death
Stillmoor An Eye for an Eye - Defiant Death
Stillmoor Dreaded Knight Death
Stillmoor Flesh Monstrosity Death
Stillmoor Forest King Life
Stillmoor Raising Kain Death
Stillmoor Saint Carwin Mathos
Stillmoor War Machine 124-KT
Stillmoor Witch of the West Life
Stonefield Experiments in Stonefield Earth
Stonefield Field of Screams Death
Stonefield Sticks and Stones Earth
Stonefield The Stone Titan Earth
Stonefield Undead Burden Death
* (Fae Yule Celebration) There Arose Such A Clatter Air
* (Carnival of the Ascended) Parade Day!
* The Blight Death
* Golden Embers Earth
* Hammer and Flame Fire
* Visions of Future Past Death
* Waves of Madness Water

Elite boss from a Water Invasion
Elite boss from a Water Invasion
Elite boss from an Air Invasion
Elite boss from an Air Invasion
Elite boss from a Death Invasion
Elite boss from a Death Invasion


The rift bag
The rift bag
Players are rewarded directly into their rift bag for participation in rifts, footholds and invasions. Participation includes contribution in the form of healing, dishing out damage, buffing and tanking. For rifts and massive invasions, the more stages that a player contributes to, the greater their reward will be.

The rewards are scaled to be in-line with the level of the rift. Major rifts will offer better rewards then minor rifts while massive invasions will offer the best rewards. Reaching the bonus stages of a rift will yield better rewards for the players. Some of these rewards are exclusive to rifts and invasions. Cooperation with your fellow Ascended will help everyone involved reach the chance of the best potential reward that these events can offer.

To claim rewards from these events click on your rift bag to open it up and loot what is inside. Click on individual items to loot only select ones (what is not looted will remain in the bag!) or the "Loot All" button to collect everything. There is a limit to how much the rift bag can hold, currently known to be 10 item slots. As the bag nears this limit it will begin flashing yellow and finally red.

Contributing to these events will reward notoriety with the appropriate faction. Faction varies dependent on your alignment and the associated plane of the rift or invasion.

  • Defeating a foothold, invasion or rift mob: +5 notoriety
  • Completing a rift stage*: +50 notoriety
  • Slaying an invasion boss: +75 notoriety
*Excluding the final unstable state of a rift encounter.


There are many achievements that involve defeating the planar forces upon Telara.

General Planar Achievements
A Rift No More
Colossal Victory
Lure Today, Gone Tomorrow
Planarite Apprentice
Planarite Journeyman
Planarite Master
Prismatic Shutout
Telaran Defender

Other Planar Achievements
Plane of Air Achievements
Plane of Death Achievements
Plane of Earth Achievements
Plane of Fire Achievements
Plane of Life Achievements
Plane of Water Achievements

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