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With the release of this game on 8/25/2012, and the introduction of our GuildHead site, this wiki changes it focus from data gathering to guide creation. Here is the place to build guides, like a scratch pad, until that information is ready to add to GuildHead. As a result most of the information that was already here is now obsolete.

Guides We are Working On

Game Basics
Elementalist • Warrior • Ranger • Necromancer • Guardian • More soon...
Asura • Charr • Human • Norn • Sylvari • Kodan
Game mechanics
Skill bar • Skills • Traits • Weapons
Player vs. Environment
Character creation • Events • Personal storyline
Player vs. Player
Structured PvP • World PvP

In-universe documents
The Movement of the World • The Ecology of the Charr
Cultural Diffusion in Contemporary Kryta
Elder Dragons
Primordus • Jormag • Zhaitan • "Deep Sea dragon" • Kralkatorrik
Eternal Alchemy • Gods of Tyria • Spirits of the Wild
Zone information found in Guild Wars 2 art book
Orr • Shiverpeaks • Maguuna • Kryta • Ascalon

Game Elements
Achievments • Hall of Monuments

Guild Wars 2
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