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Arieluma, or Azphelumbra, and welcome to the ZAM Aion Wikibase!

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How can I help?
I am getting asked this more and more. Of course, you can jump right in and start making pages, but if you do not feel comfortable editing wiki pages yet you can still help. See a quest with incomplete info? Or did you run into something odd and we did not have a note here explaining how to get through it? You can just add a note in the quest walk-through, under the template. Or, if you have a quest that we have no information on, the easiest way would be to take a screenshot of your quest journal, hopefully just before you turn in the quest so it is as complete as it can be, then email the screenshot to and I will do the rest. Be sure to add the zone, place and mob you got the quest from if it is not obvious in the screenshot. This is especially useful right now for Asmodian quests as my main is Elyos.

Frequently Asked Questions
Now that the launch is solidly under way and new players are flooding the early zones, it is time to talk about a serious problem... the same 4 or 5 questions being asked over and over and over in Region/General chat. Well, your friends at ZAM have the answer to your burning questions! The Aion Zone FAQs!

On each zone page you will find a section labeled Frequently Asked Questions. Here we will list the most common questions with the short answer and a link to the quest where you will find more complete information. Now, when a noob asks "Where is Noroia?" for the 500th time that night, you can just yell back, "Read the FAQ!"

BTW, we also have a more general Frequently Asked Questions page where we try to answer the big non-zone-specific questions.

Wiki News <archive>
As our News staff is doing an excellent job reporting Aion News items, we are going to limit this space to new wiki sections, templates, and other items of specific interest to our wiki users and contributors.
  • 07.16.10 We have begun adding a Named Monsters section to each Zone page. It is slow going and labor-intensive but Bludwyng hopes to have all the major zones done in a week or so.
  • 07.03.10 Added links for Aionopedia to the other Resources links.
  • 02.01.10 We have changed the PW/AA link to PW/db. The db is a link to Aion database. The template name that creates the link is still {{PWAA}}.
  • 01.12.10 I have added a link, in Other Resources on Zone pages only, to They have excellent maps with locations for resources, rifts and named mobs. The new link displays as "Maps".
  • 12.01.09 All wiki pages now have a Discuss tab. This is where discussions can take place regarding unverified claims, incomplete info, or just general chatting. A number next to Discuss indicates the number of comments posted to that wiki page.
  • 10.22.09 Aion Work Order is done and ready for someone to really pound on it.
  • 10.11.09 Just realized I neglected to make a Naming Conventions guide for this wiki. That is now corrected. It probably does not cover ever circumstance but it will grow as I think of more to add to it.
  • 09.25.09 PlayerTag will now, for Aion, add a link to your character's Live Status page at! If you have not considered placing this tag on your user page, yet, please take a look at all PlayerTag does for you, such as adding your User page to your Server and Legion categories!
  • 10.02.09 Added Aion Shop 2 as a replacement to Aion Shop to take advantage of the new #commalist function in the wiki. Great speed improvements everywhere, especially to Aion Mob and Aion Quest.
  • 09.24.09 Our new skin and subdomain,, went live this afternoon. Now we can finally get added to the Official Fansites list... if I can find the submit link on the new AionOnline site.

What is Aion?
Aion (pronounced "eye-on") is the newest MMORPG from NCSoft, launched on September 22, 2009, with an astounding 400,000 registered pre-order accounts.

The shattered world of Atreia has been at relative peace for 800 years, while the separated survivors of the Epic Cataclysm sought to survive and rebuild their world, each half, Elyos and Asmodians, unaware that their brothers and sisters, who they each blamed for the Cataclysm, had survived on the other hemisphere. Both sides further believed that the ancient enemy, the Balaur, were gone forever. They were wrong on all counts.

That ended when scouts of the Elyos found a path through the Abyss and rediscovered their long-lost cousins. But 800 years of divergent evolution had wrought many changes, and the Elyos warriors were disgusted by the dark, ugly creature they found. The Elyos killed the Asmodian, setting in motion a new, fratricidal war.

You are a lone individual with a hole in your memory, awakened to a world both familiar and strange. You are the dreamer of Destiny, the traveler of prophecy, and the fate of your race, of Atreia, and of your god shall rest on your wings. This is your time. This is Aion.

Our Focus
Between AionDatabase and PowerWiki, there is no point in approaching this wiki in the traditional way, trying to document every mob, item, object and quest. We will, rather, concentrate on guides, quest walkthroughs, and quest series, documenting as much as we need to make that work for us along the way. As for the rest... we will frequently make use of our community links to direct our readers to the other resources that have the specific, detailed information, if that is what they want to see.
What We Are Working On
  • Campaign Quest series on both sides are pretty complete, the Elyos side is solid through Level 48, and the Asmo side is looking much better up to Level 35.
  • Crafting - We have a lot of work to do, there, as we need articles that explain the crafting system, and advice guides for the best ways to level up the different professions. That really needs someone who is a dedicated crafter to do that.
  • As I have other duties here on the other games we cover, I really need some Volunteer Wiki Administrators/Community Managers. The candidates do not need to know wiki, yet, but be willing to learn. Knowledge of HTML is helpful, though. What they need is a love for this game and a desire to help their fellow players. A small helping of obsessive-compulsive does not hurt, either. These are not paid positions. However, most of our staff here have been hired from the player communities! When the devs get around to it, a new permissions level of "Volunteer Admin" will be created that will give some quasi-admin powers in the wiki, like moving and deleting pages. If this job interests you, contact Bludwyng.
  • As Crafting and PvP are big parts of this game, that I am not as good at as I should be, I have added positions (open) for Volunteer Crafting and PvP Community Managers.

The Aion Wiki Team
Sr. Community ManagerBludwyng
Sr. Admin and Wiki-FerretBludwyng
Sr. Volunteer CMposition open
Volunteer Asmodian CMposition open
Volunteer Elyos CMposition open
Volunteer Crafting CMposition open
Volunteer PvP CMposition open
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  • ZAM Best of 2009-Game of the Year: Second Place Winner

You can view a video, Aion Vision Trailer, at YouTube.
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